I hate running.
I hate it with every ounce of my being
I hate the wind that whips through my hair
I hate the pounding of my bounding legs on pavement
I hate the burn that within my lungs and stomach and festers
I hate the feel of snot on my upper lip when breath runs short
I hate the flow of saliva across my tongue
I hate the run.

But you know what I love?

I love running.
I love it for every cell of strength that is forged by it
I love the look on men's faces when they smoke the starting line
And are smoked by me at the finish
I love the tranquility of my heart and lungs in perilous predicaments
When time and speed are of the essence
I love the imagespicturesgirlssoundswordsthoughtsthat Fly
From my subconscious and pour through me
I love the wall at which the pain and the burn become unbearable
And sprinting right through that wall
I love the high after the pain as I look up to the sky
And know that I am alive
I love the run.