Through the nights on your bed as time flies the night
Feather down hands soft and you caressed by the light
My ears absorb your voice and my eyes cherish your sight
I cannot help but look at you and know that we are true

Some say love's for fools and those who do not know
I say to them "Curse your words; I just let my love flow."
For I do not understand them at all when I bask in your glow
And tonight when we dine I pray you wish only to be mine

You are more beautiful than words can say and more than I can see
We do not try to change the other we just leave you and I be
For all of this and so much more you are beyond precious to me
As peace flies and sees the dove I look at you and I see love

Now you know the question here
As sure as you know these words are mine
Will you please I ask you dear
Sabrina, be my Valentine?