I Am Not A…

March 19, 2003

I am not a regretful cat hanging from a fan

I am not a bird smacking against glass

I am not a demented leader making a plan

I am not a nutty rabbit hopping in the grass

I am not a spider sticking to my own silver threads

I am not a wicked scientist using all logic

I am not a ridiculous dog waiting by a hive for a bee sting

I am not an enchantress playing with magic

I am not a high dolphin jumping through hoops

I am not an ecstatic horse rolling a barrel about

I am not a toucan bird crazy for fruit loops

I am not a fish dancing and giving a shout

I am not a whale trying to sunbathe on the sand beach

I am all of above and way more!!


A poem we were making in school and thought it might be something for others to read. Oh and I am really not all that…I am worse!