The pain The glory Winning A great story

Knowing you guys got game, Knowing that your schools not put to shame

Scoring 15 points without a fight Realizing that your parents were proud that night.

Taking over schools who you always win, Saying "good game" wearing that distinct, silly grin.

The pain The glory Winning A great story

Go home tell your friends you rock, You tell them and you know there in shock.

Show of your moves because they know you have skill Winning, oh winning is such a thrill.

The pain The cries Losing With tears in your eyes

Won all the games except the one that matters Your team doesn't play well; hopes are shattered

You thought that you had it, there was no doubt, no guessing, But all your arrogance has taught you a lesson

The game isn't over until the last bell sounds, And if you celebrate too soon, your team probably ends up in frowns

The pain Then glory But eventually loosing And not afraid to tell the defeated teams story