he traces his lineage through grammatical mastery
By: ShinigamiForever

first it was just a hissing and then it turned into a whisper
and then it was an explosion, all sort of falling apart and in
duelling the aftermath
one can see me, washing my hands in cold water. oh

i could be shakespeare for you if i wanted to, or in the reversal of the usual upstart, if you wanted me to,
but as it so turns out, inasmuch we are too human and not robotic enough for modern tastes,
that would help neither you nor me nor my imperfections.

you can carry me like a pocketbook guardian angel instead,
although luck isn't my forte; i'll bring you some brand-name tragedy.
my mistake, i guess.

one of these days i'll tell you the divine secret of my existence,
something to the effect of
"everytime i wake up i kill the me of yesterday"
"every conversation i hold i pretend i hold it with someone who i have never met who has never me who i will never meet again"
or like those things, although when we know too little
and think too much, we all turn out a shade short of melodramatic then.

i hate people with paper-tissue thin wills
i'd rather us all be weighed down with heat and cursive--
pring, you see, is too ascetic. the capital M of a printed hand is nothing but a bayonet.

it's you and me the hangman's rope was invented for, similiarily the scraggly script of bandits and outlaws and the god-given.
we're never proud of what we've taken in
and are always looking to the slavic mountains for more.
more of what? always something, paper knives or anything quite out of the oridnary and quite similar to being home.
but once we get what we thought was what we were looking for we find it really wasn't at all. though the message was right
we're still searching for something like miracles or it could be just synchronization.

at the far rim of sixteen, i think you are, because that's a critical and forgetful age, convenient in the palm of the hand.
we're sitting alone while the rest of the world is out juggling plastic bags of different sizes and beliefs
and if you had asked who are you? i don't think i would have known how to answer.