As he remembered.

A tattered soul. A broken heart. A innocence is stolen. A love is gone. A friendship over. A story untold. A boy forgotten:

He walked the road. His story untold. As he remembered the day. That he may. Never forget.

His broken heart. Would never mend. As he remembered. The day he bend. And his innocence was stolen.

His soul was tattered. But he knew it wouldn't matter. Cause he would never tell. That he to his knees fell. And begged him for forgiveness.

His love was gone. And over that he mourned. But it would never change. His heart was locked in a cage. Never to be realised.

The friendship was over. But he would never forget. The day that they met. Cause it would live in infamy. In his heart.

He just wanted to shout it out. But he was silenced. As he remembered. That he was. A boy forgotten.


I know weird poem. But basically its about a boy, who was betrayed by a friend who raped him.