Memories Never Die Jade

Cast of Characters: Rose Goldman/ Narrator Ellie Goldman (mother) Matthew Goldman (father) Leah Goldman (sister) Rachael Katz


Act 1 Scene 1: ~ A girl walks out onto the stage. She's tall, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Her striped dress is covered with dirt. She carries a small blue book with a pen sticking out from in-between the pages.

Rose: (faces audience; a single light shines on her) My name is Rose. I always knew that one day I'd be free as a bird that soars through the sky. However, I had no idea that it would be this soon. For you see, I died last year, in the summer of 1955. (Pauses) I'd like to tell you a bit about my family and I and what we endured during the years before we gained our freedom from the Nazis back home, in Poland. I still watch over my family as I miss them so much. (Moves stage left; more lights shine on the scene.)

Rose: We are at the Cross Town Café in New York, my family's business. It's the summer of 1950 and I just returned home from visiting with my Aunt Rachael. It was a great trip, but it was good to be back home again.

~Ellie comes out of the kitchen carrying a tray of food. She sets in down at a table. Rose walks over to her and takes the empty tray from her mother.

Ellie: Where did you come from? (Kisses her cheek)

Rose: I came in through the back. Did you miss me?

Ellie: Yes, how was your trip?

Rose: Great, Aunt Rachael sends her love. Where is Poppa? (Looking around)

Ellie: He's helping your sister with her new house, making sure everything is going well.

~Both walk over behind the counter and start taking orders. Matt Goldman walks in through the front door, hanging his jacket and hat on a hook.

Matt: Welcome home, Rosie, so how is my sister?

Rose: Fine. It was a nice trip. I'm going to go upstairs and unpack, but I will help with the late shift.

Ellie: Be back by ten, understood?

Rose: Yes, Momma.

~Rose leaves the café and lights fade out on her family. Rose walks across the stage. and lights shine on her as she walks up the staircase to her apartment. She starts to think about what it was like entering her old home in Poland. The scene changes to Rose entering her father's study back in Poland.

Rose: Everything was as I remembered. The desk was covered with bills and other documents. Suddenly I found a little blue diary. (Sits at her father's desk) I opened it and read the name, "Matthew Goldman." (Matt's voice heard in background, while Rose reads) "July 1942~ Hitler's programs and posters have begun to cover the village's store windows. Stores everywhere have become off limits to Jews and we are only allowed to go to places that are designated with a yellow star. There has been an enforcement of a 10 o'clock curfew. Everyone must be in his or her home by this time or they will be punished severely. It breaks our hearts to see our girls so unhappy." (Matt's voice fades out)

Rose: He never told anyone about this journal. As I continued to read, I began to think about that day we were all forced into a ghetto.

(Lights fade out-Scenery changes to a country setting; a barbed wire fence lines the background Scene II ~ One light shines on Rose.

Rose: The Germans built a ghetto in Poland in 1939. Soldiers patrolled the streets every night. Momma and Poppa had to close down our family restaurant. A wonderful life ended when we moved into an abandoned hotel. I met some children living upstairs. It was nice to have company, though the Gestapo proclaimed it was against their rules to meet in large groups.

~Lights shine on a small room with several beds. Rose and her sister, Leah, are reading.

Leah: This is really scary, hiding each morning from the Gestapo. What is going to happen to us?

Rose: I'm not sure, but we have to hide when the Gestapo makes its patrol.

(Sirens are heard outside; footsteps are heard as they enter the apartment.)

Leah: Hide quickly!

(They slide under their beds and hide as soldiers inspect the rooms.)

Soldier: No one is here, let's get to the others! (Walks out of the room)

(Children come out from their hiding places; Leah looks around and sees the soldiers leave the building.)

Rose: Leah, what's the matter?

Leah: We're not going to get out of here. It looks as if everyone is will spend their lives here, never to see daylight again! (Walks out)

~Lights shine on Rose

Rose: I did not want to believe what she said. None of it sounded possible. A year later, my family was forced to leave for Auschwitz. It was a terrible place and many people died from gas chambers, drugs, or hard labor. Either way we had to keep working, because one day I knew we'd be rescued.

~Lights fade out on the end of the Act.