Act II Scene I ~ Scene opens; Barbed wire lines a fence, outside an ammunition factory and women are lined up. Enter Rose, Leah, Ellie, and Rachael. One light shines on Rose as she steps out of line.

Rose: After coming to Auschwitz, all the men and women were separated. Our clothes were taken and our heads were shaved. I heard the guards talking about the different jobs that we would be given. (Lights shine on the large group of women and soldiers as Rose steps back in line)

Soldier: (Walks up and down the ranks of women) You ten will come with me into the factory to clean the guns. The rest will stock boxes with ammunition.

~Rose: We were separated and given different jobs. Leah and I, luckily, were able to stay together. ~Soon they arrived in a large room with a pile of guns on a table.

Soldier: You will clean these guns and put them into those boxes. Work quickly or you will not receive your meal tonight.

Rose: (picks up a rag and a small container of cleaning liquid) This smells terrible, Leah how can you stand the smell?

Leah: I can't stand it either.

Soldier: No talking! Back to work!

Rose: I'm so cold. My hands are numb. (Starts to coughs) I can't do this anymore. (Falls to the ground)

Leah: Just hang on! Rose? Oh my god! (Bends down beside her sister and starts fanning her. Rose regains consciousness.)

Rose: (coughs) What happened? (She gets to her feet and continues working).

Leah: You fainted, but thank goodness you weren't noticed. You could have been killed in the gas chambers had they seen you.

~Night soon fell on the camp, the door to the barracks slowly open. The women began to come in limping or groaning from aching backs. Leah, Ellie, Rachael, and Rose. They all climb onto the top of the bunks and dine on their little piece of stale bread.

Three years passed and many people have been slaughtered or died from starvation, malnutrition, or disease. Until one night, allied soldiers overtook the camp.

Rose: What's going on out there?

Leah: I don't know, but all the women are getting up and walking over to the window.

Ellie: Who knows what's happening outside?

~Rachael climbs down and pushes her way through the crowd. Then she goes back to her family members waiting to hear her reply.

Rachael: An army has broken the gates to the camp down. German soldiers are being killed and others are fleeing for their lives.
Scene II ~Scene opens at another Camp outside of Auschwitz and lights shine upon Rose and her family standing behind her. Rose opens her father's diary and reads "September 1949~ We were liberated and brought to another camp where our family was reunited. We were provided with food and better shelter, as we waited for news from America. Our uncle had arranged for all of us to come to the United States by boat. It would be a long trip with rough seas, but we were so grateful to be together and on our way to a new life in America."

Rose: We were so overjoyed when we arrived at Ellis Island in 1947 and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw New York City. Our papers were processed and our Uncle Herbert met us. He had found an apartment for us above a restaurant owned by an old Jewish man. Poppa was able to work in the restaurant in exchange for rent. We all tried to get work and started to save money. One day, Poppa arranged to buy the restaurant and everyone worked so hard to get it ready. Finally we opened the Cross Town Café and people loved Poppa's cooking and business was booming.

~Scene opens outside in a cemetery. Rose's family stands around the coffin, placing roses onto the cover. Enter Rose, wearing a white gown and holding a red rose in her hand, plus her father's diary in the other.

Rose: (opens the diary) "September 1955~ Today we buried my "angel of hope". She was diagnosed with a heart condition that didn't give her much time to live. The entire family spent time with her every day, up until her heart gave out. Rose gave us hope that anything is possible. I think it was because of her courage that we came together and began a new life in America." That was his last entry. I will always watch over them.