White make up was applied to the thin fragile face, the barely noticeable cheekbones now seemed invisible. The pale gray eyes now seemed strikingly blue against the current snowy complexion. Thin lips were painted ruby, now full and glossy, inviting. Kohl around the eyes, and drawn down cheeks, false tears. Blonde hair was let down, combed and curled until it fell around the porcelain face in fluffy, lustrous waves. Clothing laid thrown in a corner, only a pair of loose jeans hung around the slender hips. The frail body jumped as foot steps were suddenly heard, creeping up from behind.

"Another show of yours, love?" The tall man slinked forward casually, chestnut hair falling into his jade eyes, yet he didn't bother to brush them clear, his hands rested comfortably in the pockets of his slacks.

"Y-yes." The beautified boy gaped in shock as he looked upon the man. "What brings you back?" He kept eye contact, but fought to keep away tears as they would ruin his make up.

"You look like a Pierrot," Stepping forward the man ran slender fingers through the silky curls. "Beautiful, but still, a clumsy little boy..."

"I am no Pierrot!" The boy took the lithe hand into his own, and stroked it softly. "And I am no longer a little boy.."

"Ah, just as well. A floppy hat would ruin your hair." He sighed, pulling the younger to stand with him.

"Why are you here?"

"Does 'I missed you' count as a valid reason?" The man sighed, walking slowly to the opposing side of the tiny dressing room.

"No." The boy crossed his arms against his naked chest, which looked tan, rather than pale compared to the white of his face.

"Then maybe I wanted to see the show." He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket, and lit one up, once the boy glared at his actions, he took an extra long drag just to prove his point.

"Maybe you did." He sighed. "Now leave, I have to get dressed."

"All the more reason to stay, love." With that he dropped the cigarette to the scuffed wooden floor, stepping on the burning tip.

"I may play a whore, but I assure you I am no exhibitionist." He scoffed.

"Andre my love, don't take things to seriously. It's less stressful you might find."

"I thrive on stress, Jonathan, you know that." He picked up a folded silk shirt off the floor and proceeded to pull it over his head. "Maybe you shouldn't take things so lightly."

"I thought you said you weren't an exhibitionist." The man arched a thin eyebrow, as well as a corner of a lip.

"I was putting on clothes, not stripping them off mind you." He brushed out the static from his curls.

"What a shame. I guess I'll have to kill you then." The sarcastic tone turned suddenly grave.

"Hmm, I guess you will." Laughter died in Andre's throat as he came face to face with a hand gun. Bang. The bullet soared right into his skull, he didn't even have time to scream.

"You told me not to take things so lightly." As Jonathan walked out, the gun was thrown onto the body that lay sprawled acorss the floor, crimson blood soaking into the golden locks, contrasting the chalk white.