A blank piece of paper

Waiting for my thoughts

Patiently it stands

Waiting for the art

Emitting from my hand

I'll fill it with my mind

Ideas of all sorts

And all kinds

My god physics is boring

I think the girl next to me is snoring

If I hear the word 'trebuchet' one more time

That's it

I've hit the end of the line

That little wood hut

Won't stop the 250 pound limestone ball

From smashing through your stony walls

Please let the end bell ring

I long for the freedom it soon brings

20 more minutes

I don't think I'll last

Watching old war tactics

Of the past

**Understand I started writing this during physics and it just turned after 'and all kinds'. We were watching some movie from The History Channel about medieval catapults, don't take me wrong, I love medieval-ness and everything, but if I heard the word trebuchet one more time I thought I was gonna scream, they said it at least 20 times every 5 minutes GAH!!!**