This is a collection of poetry designed to relieve my pain from my past and to share experiences with others regardless of ethnicity, upbringing, sexuality etc.; to me that never matters, though it does to some. I hope my poetry will not offend you, and the rating is just to be safe.

Blessed be, Spinnerette.


I remember the pain,
It washed over my body,
As my nose bled,
As my eyes dripped red,
As my hair dripped with red,
I remember the agony,
In the way you looked at me,
In your hands as they touched me,
In the blows as they rained down on me,
I remember the disgusting pleasure,
As you violated my body,
As you raped my soul,
As you crushed my hope,
I remember your threats,
To kill my family if I ever told,
To harm my friends if I ever told,
To murder me if I ever told,
I remember how I longed for death,
To stop the memories,
To halt the filthy feelings,
To end this reality and be born anew,
And yet I had not the courage,
And yet I had not the strength,
And yet I had the filthy desire to live,
And above all I remember,
That I will never be clean,
That I will never be lovable
That I will never be innocent again
Because you, in your desire to dominate,
Tore my innocence away
And for that, I can never forgive you.