Best Friends

You don't know that I cry

Because of you.

You don't know that

Your careless words hurt

Or that your

Jokes and laughter sting.

You think everything is

Fine Between us

But its not.

You don't understand

How emotional I am.

I'm just good at hiding it.

You don't know

How big an impression

Your sarcastic comments

Have on me.

We used to be so close.

I loved to be around you.

Now I dread

Speaking with you.

What happened?

We both changed.

We went in different directions.

I miss the old you.

The one I could

Laugh with,

Talk to,

And feel comfortable around.

What happened?

Where did you go?

You're a stranger to me

And you don't even know it.

You don't know

That when I look at you

I see a very familiar face,

But I also know that you're not familiar.

I feel awkward around you,

Like conversation is forced.

You don't even notice.

Sometimes I want

To strangle you, to hit you as hard as I can

Because you're so dense.

You go on and on.

You won't stop,

You're hurting me.

I'm crying inside.

I stay silent

And recoil slightly.

My eyes are watering,

But still you don't take the hint.

I can't stand you anymore.

I feel like I'm in enemy territory

And no one's at my back.

You advance on me,

Your weapon raised and ready

I have no choice but

To endure the pain

However bad it feels.

Your sharp words

Pierce me like a knife

And you can't even tell.

You don't know me.

You don't know me at all.

I miss the old you.

What happened?

Where did you go?