A/N: If you're confused about the title, you probably don't realizeHumboldt County (where I live) is fairly well-known for it's marijuana. Don't take this as an endorsement of pot either, it's simply an ode to the stoner...

Humboldt Girl

Stumbling around,
Stoned off her ass,
She falls hard on the ground,
Her jeans are stained with grass.

But she doesn't care,
She laughs at simple things,
Such as someone with dyed hair,
And then she sings.

She smells like perfume to cover the pot,
And her bangs are all wet from Visine gone astray.
She doesn't realize she almost got caught,
All her troubles have gone away.

But when she comes down
She'll certainly remember
How she acted around town,
And how her ex-boyfriend saw her.

But she says it's not like drinking
Because it doesn't make you hurl,
So she'll do it again
Because she's a Humboldt Girl.