Woke up one morning

in a world gone to hell

(not that I was ever in

Paradise found).

A world where government

crumbles 'round our feet,

and words of diplomacy

are manipulated and neglected.

Where the sound of bird's chirping

foretells the squeal of a bomb;

not just the bell tolls now.

Wounded prides begun this;

the international pissing contest,

where innocent lives are stolen

to prove an individual's manhood.

The resurrection of new evil

from the sand and ashes of oil;

a spill of living scarlet

is of no compare to monetary gain.

Where the rising of the one sun

no longer signals a new day;

the morning stars explode here.

A hissy-fit plays out

across this world stage:

The nations once united, divide

and power of pens weaken.

Agreements are all argued,

the rules of engagement broken;

an objection to Washington

equals the wrath at home.

Where the rains once purified

now bring fire and brimstone;

the sky is falling now.

The unelected leader sleeps

tucked in under pretty words;

the walls shake and crumble

around the middle of the East.

Across the stained waters

comes the shivers and cries;

Westeners huddle and shake

from the air traffic roar.

Where one morning no one wakes

in the world of this hell;

the eve of destruction is here.