~ blessed or cursed? (2002) helping others / is it a blessing or a curse / you fix everyone's life / everyone's except yours / you go through life / pleasing everyone you can / but can you please yourself too / or only your fellow man / somewhere along the way / your real self was lost / and now you try to get back together / but how to be yourself was forgot / and so you enter the downwards spiral / of depression and self-hate / and before you know it / you're pounding on heaven and hell's gates / but you can't get into either / you're not wanted there / everyone on earth / is trying to show you they still care / but the only one that seems to matter / the one you gave too much of yourself to / he's shut you out forever / and there's nothing you can do / all you want / is to make everything better again / you always can / that's why you're such a great friend / but can you fix things this time / you're only human after all / all you can do is wait for someone to save you / as deeper and deeper into darkness you fall