Who am I? I am no one, but I am also everyone. Everything, but also nothing. I am above average, yes. But who am i? Everyone thinks I am the boring, mathematical being. I am created to do math, I am the homework machine. Input information here, output homework on the other side. Wonderful. No change required, just simply phone him up. Am I human? I doubt it. I am a machine manipulated by both society and the education system. I am above average, therefore that makes me not human. I am an entity, an organic being, capable of thought, experiencing soul, life, fun, etc. I am not allowed to do anything crazy or weird, because "I am Joe". "How did you get so smart?", a question I commonly receive by many ignorant fools. It seems that they only see the result, not the procedure. Do they ever realize how much time they have wasted in their childhood, watching cartoons, reading comics, and playing meaningless games? I was doing math, work. That was my game: my books, my TV, my life. I was not born smart, I was trained in an oriental family. I do not have some sort of weird formula that makes you become smart, I do not take a pill. I wake up everyday, and I try my best, that is simply the point. It is this intelligence, this intelligence I am not born with but rather worked so hard for, that puts me in peril. As soon as intelligence hits a certain level, people expect perfection, success, and even aide to them when they need help. An English essay here, a math question here, it seems that the only reason people message me is to get a share of the intelligence, besides my few friends. I am Joe Hung. I do not stand for intelligence and knowledge. No. I am a human being, I am allowed to love, I am allowed to have fun, I am allowed to do all of those wonderous things those "normal people" do. It would be injustice to classify me as one of the elite. I am not. I make the same mistakes, feel the same feelings, and want the same things. I feel like Shylock, the Jew in Merchant of Venice. Did he have a crime? No. My only crime is utilizing my intelligence when other people do not. Did he have a reason to be despised? No. His wealth was obtained through legal means, he had erarned it. Have I not reaped the fruits of my hard work from the years of studying and hard work? People do not come and help with the tilling and the soiling, but everyone wants a part of the harvest. I. I am Joe Hung, a person, an entity, a living being, not only the name that you click on for advise in math/socials/English/etc. I know sports, I know various diversions. I am not a bookworm. I am a person who lives in the world and know about the world. Not the underground frog that boasts its small understandings. Therefore, do not ask "How did you get so smart" but rather ask "How can I change myself to achieve my full potential?"