An ode to my weird friends

My friends are weird They know they are People tell them they are But they don't care.

First there's Squeak Otherwise known as Deanna With games on the brain And weird mood swings.

Then there's Laura I don't know what to say I figure she'll kill me If I say anything at all.

Then there's Denise Dangerous at times But otherwise nice And all the time a pacifist.

But I can't forget Jess Who's hard to describe Worried about Beyblades And a cute guy named Kai

And what about Alex We have so much in common We know we would kill if anyone touched Joey

Then there is Robin Always secretly plotting To get on a major sugar high AND EAT ALL THE SUGAR IN THE WORLD!

What's with Jamie? We really don't know But he better not go If he knows what's good for him

And then there's Jason We don't know what's with him He loves his can And is very protective of it.

I have weird friends As you can now tell But we all have one thing in common WE LOVE SUGAR!!!