Astral Travel

By Goth-girl

            Rain's Whisper lay asleep in her bed, and was abruptly thrust out of her nightmare, causing her to sit up in bed.  Once she regained control of herself, she tried to lie down and go back to sleep.  Just a dream, she thought.  Before returning to the dream world, she went to the restroom, and got a drink of water.  Didn't this happen last night?  She wondered.  When she returned to her room, she looked at her clock.  It displayed the correct time, 4:00.  She sighed, and got back into bed, trying harder and harder to fall asleep.  She had company coming soon, and she hardly wanted to let them see her with her eyes burning from lack of sleep, and her body limp and weak from the deprivation.

            After about thirty minutes of nothingness, failure, Rain's Whisper finally decided that there was just no way for her to return to the dream stage.  Then, it occurred to her that she was fairly relaxed.  Suddenly, the sounds and images of dreams started to flash before her, but she was still awake, just perceiving a glimpse of her next dream. 

            Remembering a website she had gone to, she used her thoughts to control them.  These images are astral, and I am astral too, she thought to herself.  Still, she felt like she needed to do something more to stir an astral projection.  She went through the mental visualization exercise that she had been through many times, and she opened her charkas.  She felt like her heart humming rather than beating, and if she had been experiencing the tremors and vibrations of her body on a normal frequency, she might have screamed.  Suddenly, she felt as if she was being thrown onto the ground, and she wanted to scream even more loudly.  It worked!  I was supposed to try it, but it wasn't supposed to work!  Not this well, at least, she thought to herself.  Then, she found herself floating above her bed, paralyzed.  She tried to move her hand, then her leg, but she had no success.  She knew that all limitations she could have in the astral world were caused by her own mind, from her reading.  Then, she realized that she had to imagine herself moving, as childish as it sounded, to make it happen.  And it worked.  She was now away from her bed, but still in her room.  She brought her hand out in front of her, and realized that she wasn't just a blob, like the websites had described.  Her hand was clear, almost see-through, but then when she moved it, she couldn't see it at all.  This is so incredibly cool!  Her thoughts may have sounded stupid, but not being in her physical body made her think a bit differently.  But what was an astral projection if you weren't going to explore?

            She tried to move through the door, but she couldn't.  She also felt a string trying to pull her back to her body, but she used her mind to stop it.  She hit the door lightly, but nothing she did caused her any pain.  I will move through the door, I can move through the door, I am moving through the door, she thought.  Then, she willed herself to do it, and was in the hallway.  Maybe I'll go into the bathroom and find out what I look like in the mirror.  Instead, she just floated, and was aware that her body was clear, and a bit bluish in appearance.  She was obviously not on a high enough plane to change her shape, but this was definitely a start.  Then, she was pulled back, and she woke up, but was temporarily paralyzed.  Did that really happen?  She wondered.  She could wonder all she wanted to, but she knew that it had.