Beginning of the end

Small whispers gather in the dark

This sudden break of silence I can commend

As I add to my life yet another mark

Shadows linger 'round, made to pretend

With the ray of sun shining only on the lark

The bird does not know it's chosen fate

Lest it has visited the windows to existence

Paths that lead straight to Hell's Gate

And never hint of past resistance

Around the clock time speaks of hate

Cleaned out of the sanctuary of persistence

Speak to me not in mournful cries

Death emits from battles wearily fought

Admittance to the captivating lies

My wounded mind far from distraught

With a hope in arms and faith in life's highs

This soldier has never been caught

Until today he turned himself in

To the enemy's arms ever greedless

Somehow he knew he couldn't win

In a war amongst the needless

Will the shadow of Death's descent begin?

This world has morphed into the heedless