Title: The Witches' Secret of Sirius
By: Ally
Summary: Egypt's hidden ancient mystery is unlocked and four teens discover not only their past but also their destinies. Will they succeed in preventing the destruction of all living things?
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The Witches Secret of Sirius



Secrets of the universe have always kept themselves hidden and only few are gifted to know them. The old ways will always exist and those who know the truth will be burdened but not resistant to what they were put on this earth to do. For thousands of years Guardians have existed, born to protect the world, both above and below. We are witches born each century to help put away what is evil in its purest.

The ancient Egyptians based the new year of their calendars on the helical rising of the Sirius star. The priests of old watched this star closely during the helical risings, believing that its redness betokened war in the heavens. The ancient world, now a mere shadow to modern times, has its secrets even today. The secrets are of magick, of myth, and what battle truly exists in the universe, from ancient days to the new. None know of it. No one knows except us...

"Fatalis alea incertis jactibus in hujus vitae tabula mortales eludit."