Colored Fairies

Red was the color of the wilting rose
The rose that broke thy heart
Red was the color of your blood spilled
Bright knife in the looming dark
Red is the color of his eyes
His eyes
As he took her; both mind and soul
Red was the color of the fire within
And of the tortured, lasting coals.
Red was the color of the moon as it rose
On that faithful summer night
Some say 'twas there the fire flared
And brought everlasting light
It brings unwanted light.

White is the color of her fairy face
Teeth barred in a twisted grin
As a child she hangs
As church bells rang
The child of a million sins.

'Twas here she sat
So long ago
Blue eyes and bright blue dress
And someone's heart is missing her
And her lasting, silk caress.

Tell us what's wrong
With the fairy heart?
What's wrong with her tortured soul?
Someone unwanted has touched her
And never will they know…'twas I…
Never will they know.

So fairy dreams
Are as they seem
They're full of wind and dust
And so with that
They took my love
And with it took me trust.
And so in hate
I took my blade
And covered it in blood
And then the singing steel bade
To take her beating heart.
Yes, 'Twas me who killed the fairy child
In the deepest of the sinful dark.