Hackey Sack
Divine Miss S
April 23, 2002

Matt and Jon and Dustin
Mike and Kyle and Joe
All hack and laugh and jeer
As… they… go

One stall here, two stalls there
Here's a stall, there's a stall, there's a stall everywhere

In between classes
Always after school
They have lots of fun out there
And sometimes even look cool

"Let's get out the hack," they say
Let's hack a little more
Let's hack and sack and jump and stall
Till out feet get sore

Someone got hit in the face
As they sacked and hacked
They kicked and jumped and went for a stall
And then Kyle got smacked
Jon says it was an accident
He says he's sorry too
He best be sorry for what he did
Because Kyle is black and blue!

Hack and sack and laugh and play
Jump and stall and kick all day

Kyle, Mike, Matt
Dustin, Joe, and Jon
They all love to hack
Each and every one.