By:Andrew Troy Keller

I was walking home from a meeting one Friday night,until I had spotted a bright light in the sky that was zooming its way closer and closer to Earth.
And then,after it had touched down somewhere in the vacant lot on the next block,I had ran over to see what it was.
But as soon as I've got there,all I've saw was a huge crater and whatever had slamned on Earth had been reduced to ash and dust.
Then suddenly,a beautiful young woman had walked over to the crater,looked sadly down at the burnt hole and said,"I don't know what had crashed here,either.But as far as I could tell,it must've been something truly out of this world."
And then,when we had looked at each other,the stranger had smiled at me and said,"Oh,I'm sorry.I've forgot to tell you my name."
And after she had held out her hand,the young woman said,"My name is Andromeda Grayson.What's your name?"
"My name is George Crighton.",I've answered,after I had took her hand into mine."And I do believe that we have one thing in common.The possiblity of extraterestrial life attempting to call this planet home."
After a short pause,Andromeda had looked at me,let out a smile and asked,"Do you want to join me for dinner,George?"
"Actually,Andi.",I've answered,after I had wrapped my arm around her."I was about to ask you the same thing."
A couple of hours later,after we had a wonderful dinner of chiense food,Andromeda and I had gone back to my apartment and started going through some material involving the exsistance of alien beings who are now living on Earth.
We were halfway through the first two folders,when suddenly,we had looked into each other's eyes for about a minute and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
And then,after we had walked into my bedroom and removed all of our clothes,we had laid our bare bodies on the bed and started enjoying the most erotic night of our lives.
And after our sex romp,we both had fallen asleep in each other's bare arms.
So far,there was nothing out of the ordinary on that one night.
But that was before an hour later,when I had woke up and was shocked to discover that Andromeda was gone.
After I had gotten myself dressed,I had ran out of the apartment and towards the one place where I've figured Andromeda might be at--the vacant lot where we had met.
As soon as I had gotten to the lot,I had discovered a still bare Andromeda standing in the middle of the lot with her arms raised up into the air.
And then,just as I was about to call out to her,a large and very shiny circular object had appeared from out of nowhere and had hovered itself over her.
And suddenly,after the large object had shown a beam of light on to her,I had ran over to Andromeda and asked,"Why?Why do you have to leave?I love you."
"I'm sorry,George.I love you,too.",answered Andromeda,after she had turned her sad eyes towards me."But I have no choice.I have to leave you now.Goodbye."
And with that,the large craft had beamed her aboard and zoomed it's way back into the very cosmos where it had came from.
And as soon as it was out of sight,I had took a deep breath,shook my head and said,"God,I really do hate these one night stands."
After that,I had walked back home--and I had walked back with the image of my beloved Andromeda in my mind,for I shall always love her--forever.