Valentine's Day (In the eyes of a 7 yr. Old)

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Makes me feel awkward,

in a weird way.

Sometimes I wonder,

What exactly is love?

Will it hit me like thunder?

Or descend from above?

Is it the feeling I get when I talk to a boy?

Or the joy that I feel when I get a new toy?

All of this is really confusing,

And I bet you all find this very amusing,

The fact that I should wonder so,

And turn this topic into such a show.

It's just, I'm very curious about love,

And the feeling I have on Valentine's Day.

Like, why does everyone get so mushy,

Instead of going about their day the normal way?

Why do people get all flirty?

And play with girl or boy next door?

And why is my sister acting quirky,

when she sees the new boy from El Salvador?

Plus, if this love thing is so darn great,

how come I don't fell it,

am I late?

Maybe I'm a bit abnormal,

and I'm being punished by the paranormal.

Or maybe cupid missed a shot,

and he's thinking up a diabolical plot!

I guess I'll find out when I'm older,

Or maybe just a little bolder.

Then I'll go up to my mother

And ask

"What exactly is the meaning of Valentine's Day?"