He leaves me a rose,
Each day,
At my door,
It's beautiful,
The rose,
And the feeling,
Of being loved.

One day,
The roses stop coming,
A bleak day it is,
When the rain came pouring.

I turned on the tv,
The news was on,
There was a terrible tragedy,
And it happened to me.

An accident had happen,
Down at the junction,
A car had crashed,
And they found the man,
With a rose in his hand.

The funeral was grim,
I couldn't stop crying,
For I've lost him,
And about him,
I couldn't stop thinking.

God knows how long,
These tears had been flowing,
But it finally stopped,
When from him I received a note.

A note and a rose,
In front of my door,
He tells me to live,
And let go.

How it got here,
I don't know,
But it's from him,
This I'm sure,
The rose,
It tells me so.