Author's Note: This was written in history class while I was watching the movie "Shindler's List". It is a very good but terribly sad, realistic movie of the Holocaust. Even though I'm not Jewish, the whole thing of it really hit me hard. It's about what I think the girl in the red jacket symbolizes and what happens.

Little Red Jacket

By: Lauren

She wears a red jacket

As the honey haired girl

Wanders the streets

Her eyes full of tarnished innocence

Gun shoots ring out

Long into the night

Screams of pain

Cries for mercy that go unheard

She trembles and sobs silently

Hiding under an oak bed

As those around her


Her mud splattered

Red jacket

Matches the colors

Of the streets

Not so innocent eyes

Now stream out hot tears

As the world around her

Crumbles apart

She sits there lifeless

With vacant eyes and a still heart

As families are torn apart

And sent to concentration camps to die

What was her crime?

She was merely born Jewish

And now,

Her little red jacket

Is stained with her own blood

And the blood of others