Title: Let It Be

Author: Ginia

Genre: General Romance

Rating: PG-13 (at the most for profanity and rare innocent m/m)

A/N: This is a good girl falls in love with bad guy fluffy story. The character, Elizabeth Gales, is the daughter of my previous story Running Away, Standing Still. However, you really didn't need to know that but for reference for this story. Enjoy.

Summary: Elizabeth Paige Gales went through half of her high school life behind her best friend, but then she meets a guy who introduces her to the life straightedge. As her life goes on, her troubled past helps her crawl out of the shadows as she falls in love for the very first time. This is a story of infatuation, love, and life experiences in high school.

Uploaded: Thursday, February 07, 2002

Revised: Saturday, March 21, 2003

Prologue: Change

Panic escalated in the pit of Elizabeth's stomach as she listened to Julia's ~prep-for-high-school-lecture." Julia was Elizabeth's distant cousin, but they were closer than just ordinary relatives. She had graduated that summer and was about to leave for college, but had to talk to Elizabeth about high school before she left. Biz, was terrified of starting high school and really needed some advice.

Minutes prior, the two girls sat on the quilted bed of Julia's bedroom but they sat in silence for a minute or two. Julia looked down at her shoes then back at Elizabeth trying to collect her speech. "Well, I guess it's easier to explain going to high school as a part of life but in a way it has its own life," she began. "See, high school is a separate part of life, but it's more than a stage. The one thing you'll find out during this part of life is the only thing you'll always go through is change. Everybody says that because high school is where you'll discover yourself. Perhaps, you'll just merely begin to find out who you are but it's a start." Elizabeth was about to interrupt, but Julia continued, "You don't believe me do you? You probably think it's relationship of sorts or classes but guess what? Honey, that's change." Julia paused to give a hesitant laugh. "Okay, so you get my point, right?"

Elizabeth held her stomach as the nervousness started to build again. Her eyes nodded in agreement but she honestly really didn't want to hear Julia's speech. Reason being, she always felt infuriated by her. Maybe it's just her or maybe it was because Julia thought she had "the life" and everybody must have wanted it. Maybe not.