Chapter 5

Months went by which concluded the school year. Elizabeth was now a sophomore and Miles a secret, college-bound senior. Over the year, Elizabeth learned Miles's hot spots, where his classes and locker were located, and his last name: Mackintosh. All of this, she learned from picking up tidbits of conversations when she walked by or by pure coincidence spotting him entering or leaving a classroom.

Chris was in her Chemistry class this year and it was the same routine. The teacher, Mr. Wilson, would assign a lab, project, or homework and Chris would ask to be in her group. She would do the majority of the work and he would do some until he lost his focus.

Miles didn't have a fourth period so after he got tired of roaming the school by himself, he decided to go hang out with Chris since his teacher was the only one that didn't care if he was there or not.

"Hey Kid," Chris said when he saw Miles walk in the room. He took a seat across from Elizabeth and adjacent to Chris. "You're letting her do all the work Chris?" He watched Elizabeth who was too focused on finishing writing up the answers to the lab to even notice it was Miles who was talking to Chris. Hey, she really didn't want homework.

"Nah. I was doing some of the work until she," Chris paused to slightly shove Elizabeth's shoulder, "started laughing at my stupidity." Chris and Elizabeth had became pretty close friends throughout the year but really only talked to each other during class.

"Hey I did," Elizabeth started to protest but practically lost her voice at the sight of Miles across from her and who was profusely staring at her. "Not," she finished off but barely in a whisper. Her lost for words didn't prevent him from smiling at her natural beauty. He noticed she didn't wear makeup, and if she did he didn't notice.

"Miles, what are you loitering around here for?" Chris interrupted.

"Ooh, that's a big word for you Chris, don't cha know?" Miles commented in a Wisconsin accent. Chris shoved him and the boys started laughing. "Actually, I came back because Luke needed a ride home," he lied. In truth, Miles came back to pick up some of his books so nobody see him.

The bell rang and all the students rushed out of class. Elizabeth didn't speak another word, but rather walked out of the class with the other students to lunch. Miles went home after meeting up with Luke because they had a shortened schedule.