Her Belly

Gently protruding from her shirt
The cause of so much misery
She cries because of its size
She knows she is responsible
She allowed it to grow
By drowning her tears in food
Eating long after she was full
Shoveling it down when it begged her to stop
She bawls from its swelling
She's blind to reason
She has to stop the tears
So she starting eating
A quart of ice cream
Her favorite food
Used to perpetuate
Her river of tears
She's crying out loud
As the starts on quart two
Powerless to stop the cycle
She detests her body
I can't hold back any more
I hold her in my arms
"My belly." she starts to say
"It's beautiful" I finish for her
She can't believe I love it
But somehow she knows it's true
I rub her sweet belly
As she says,"I love you."