Billy and Kerouac and Ice Cream and EVERYTHING

i don't know why kerouac makes me think of ice cream or why billy is everything because of course he is ice cream and everything and EVERYTHING with ice cream and KEROUAC who is also ice cream but not stop signs billy is all the stop signs billy is exactly the same as standing in the first sickly humid morning of the NORTHEAST feeling the florida weight press upon my hair wanting ICE CREAM and kerouac spreading wild wet fires all over the fertile crescent earth that is BURNING in places that wants the cup-
cradle of h u m a n i t y frozen with rainy porcelain and it is raining outside and everything is preparing to be green and it is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING and kerouac is bumming around the street signs smoking a blue cigarette bumming around the traffic lights reading some wrinkled pedagogic busstation biography that billy would not know about billy is wearing a GREEN SHIRT besides his BROWN shirt that looks exactly like a sandstorm and i am in among the entire trestle of the universe watching KEROUAC and BILLY trade secrets about the gentle desert about the languid sickness radiating from this FIRST SPRING MORNING that comes blowing humid like cigarette smoke billy (redlight) billy (greenlight) billy YOU ARE EVERYTHING and ICE CREAM and brotherbrother kerouac is ICE CREAM with EVERYTHING. i think i want to prove the east from a mountaintop but i do not want to leave the ocean i am warm swimming in the wet leaves the stringy wet leaves streaked over my open eyes I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I loveyou i don't know

why but kerouac is subterranean back-from-the-dead at an ice cream parlor ordering the first dharma flavor of the ether season

and billy is B E A U T I F U L