I cannot eat

I cannot sleep

I cannot breathe

I cannot speak.

My head feels dizzy

My body's weak

My eyes are moist

and they always leak.

I'm warm on my forehead

but I'm Cold in my toes

I have a nasty nasal drip

in my red and swollen nose.

What can I take

to ease my pain?

No, no more of that

aspirin again!

I'll drink the stuff

I drunk before

No, it's not

Vic's formula 44.

I'll take Nyquil


And keep this cold at ease

I'll take NyQuil


It helps me get my "z's"

Nyquil comes

in red and green

it's the only thing that tastes

like red and green.

Pop a tablespoon

and a half

lay down in bed

and take a nap.

So to my friends

Don't write or call

I've taken enough

to sleep through fall.

I've taken Nyquil


Now I'm flying through the trees

Didn't take no Dayquil

(No, no, no, Dayquil)

Gimme Nyquil if you please.

I'll stick with Nyquil

(Nuh-nuh-nuh Nyquil)

Sure it makes my tummy queeze

But I love my Nyquil

(Nuh-nuh-nuh Nyquil)

And now I'll get my...

get my...