Alone, if I must.

For the past few years
All I've done was run.
From something that always followed me,
But couldn't get away from.

I'd run through the darkness,
Trembling with fear.
I know I will not find it
But it'll always be near.

The agony rips at me.
There's no one to give assistance.
The torture is unbearable.
And I feel I mustn't fall prey to resistance.

The notion of surrendering is strong
To whatever it is that lurks out there.
I'd stop running and think for a bit,
'Yeah sure, Come and get me.'

But then I'd feel weak.
I mustn't let the temptation win.
I will continue to run from this beast,
Even though I have been abandoned by my kin.

My friends have left me,
My family doesn't care.
I shall win this battle.
With them, the victory I won't share.

So I tell you of this horrible life I live.
The constant running, from something that doesn't exist,
The overshadowing thought of my will breaking.
But I'll try to walk through this dark and horrible mist.

Alone, if I must...