––Icarus Sun––

Twist your mouth into lies again

Never tell the truth to strange men

If you reach into eternity

You hands will only fill with malignity

I'm hoping to crush your fragile glass heart

When I swallow your prayers they taste so tart

I'm watching you try and run away

But my melting wings are forcing you to stay

You tasted bittersweet when I kissed you

You've gone ahead and missed your cue

I must have ended all your dreaming fun

I think I burned you like that Icarus sun

I'm just messing with your mind

I keep hiding what you're trying to find

And when you turn around

I'll steal what little sanity you've found

Nod your head, give that sorrowful yes

Give in, grab on to that feathery mess

I'm gonna end all your dreaming fun

But you're still dragging me into that Icarus sun…

Note of Author:

For that annoying girl who said I should not complain about others writing unless I had something of my own up.

Her challenge:

The words 'Icarus Sun', 'sorrowful yes', 'melting wings', 'butterfly', and 'jester' must be used.

Where the hell does she get this junk?