The ultimate horror of having a twin


"Damien get your ass out of bed!" And thus the day has started as it normally did. That was my very wonderful brother yelling at me from downstairs. I mumbled a couple curse words under my breath, turned over, and fell back asleep.

A couple minutes later my door was thrown open and my brother came barging in. "Hey dork! Get out of bed, or you won't have time to get to school. I don't feel like driving you if you are going to make us late again!" Then, after his little speech, he strode out of my room to go downstairs, probably to get something to eat for breakfast.

"Preppy bitch." I muttered under my breath. I got out of bed and threw on some clothes; a pair of black baggy pants, a black wife-beater, and a black coat. Then I skulked into my bathroom and put on my leather dog-collar like necklace and my matching wrist band. I ran some hair gel through my black hair to give it a messy look and I strode downstairs to get something to eat.

"Morning!" A light and cheery voice greeted me at the bottom of the stairs.

More incoherent mumbling on my part, I nodded once to my sister Alli and walked past her. She was like most fourteen year olds; bright, cheery, and full of spunk. She will eventually find herself instead of always trying to fit in with everyone else, as she does now. I guess that she hung with the preps or rather the lower ranks of the preps. She wasn't really that preppy and it was my guess that in a couple of years she will find herself.

"Hey look, the lazy ass is finally up." My brother commented, not even turning towards me while talking.

"Shut up bitch."

"So now I'm a bitch now, eh?"

No really, my brother and I really love each other. NOT. In fact we can't stand each other. Well whaddya know? We're brothers and it just turns out that we are twins. The Goth and the Prep. Damien and Jack. The twins.

"Jack eat your breakfast and leave your brother alone." Claudia told him. Claudia is our mother, I don't call her 'mother' though, she is rather young; in her early thirties, and prefers to be called 'Claudia'.

"Sure thing." Jack replied.

I grabbed two pop tarts and walked out the door. I wasn't in the mood to be in a car with Jack this early in the morning. I did have a car, but it was in the shop because I had crashed it a week before. It was a jeep, black, to match my attitude and everything else that had to do with me. It was the first day of school that year and it was my junior year, but I was ready to have the freshmen stare at me, everyone hates those little creeps. My friends and I had just gotten used to it. I was getting close to the school at this point, and with it, getting close to a living hell.

I heard someone running up behind me. "Hey Damien, man! Wait up!" Due to the voice I could tell that this was Mike, your usual punk guitarist and music freak.

"Very 'down with the goth' today I see." It was a little joke we had, someone once said that to me, not knowing that I was a Goth, so we just kept the phrase because it was still relatively funny.

"Ain't I always 'down with the goth'?"

"Sure was man, sure was. Guess what? I heard that there were some new people coming this year, into junior year too!"

"Great, just what we need: more preps."

"Just how many more of them can we get?" Mike replied jokingly as we walked onto the school grounds. Immediately a girl ran into me, she looked up. "Sorry." Wait, I didn't see a look of disgust on her face, no rude comments either; she treated me normally, strange; strange indeed.

"Whatever." I turned around and tried to walk away.

"Just where do you think you're going?" I turned around to see the girl glaring at me. "When someone says they're sorry, you don't say 'whatever' you say 'it's okay'."

"Whatever." This girl was starting to piss me off.

She glared. "Fine then, fuck off."

I whirled around. "Who are you to be telling me to fuck off? Shouldn't I be saying that to you?" My dark brown eyes matched her dark blue ones.

Just then the devil's reincarnation walked up, the name being Jack, my brother. We didn't look alike, so if you didn't know either one of us, you wouldn't know. I had dark brown hair, he had blond. I had brown eyes, he had blue. I was a Goth, he was prep. Complete opposites.

"Hey ass, what are you doing bothering this lovely girl here? She just told you to fuck off, so why don't you?"

"Why don't you fuck off bitch?" Her medium pitch voice took the words right out of my mouth, I was surprised.

"Fine then demon, have fun with your little girlfriend." He walked off to hang with his groupies, the jocks and the other preppies.

"What a snob!" She commented, totally leaving the fight in the past.

I rolled my eyes, "You're telling me, you don't have to live with him."

She turned towards me. "You live with him?"

"He's my brother." Of course this comment stunned her.

"Brother?! But you two are nothing alike!"

I turned around to leave. "Yeah, you have no idea."

She grabbed my arm, black torn jacket and all. "Wait, I'm new here, would you show me around."

"Fuck off."

******************Lunch time******************

I sat down with my friends; Mike, who had deserted me that morning, Carri, who was my first girlfriend but we decided it was better to be friends, Andy, a lot like Mike, but more gothic, and last but not least Sara, who really wanted to go out with Andy, but he was too oblivious.

"Hey goth boy."

I sat down in between Mike and Carri. "Sup." Just then I noticed that girl who I had pleasantly told to 'fuck off' that morning walk up to our table. I decided that this was as good an opportunity as anything to start hitting my head against the table as hard as I possibly could.

"Hey there. Don't mine the suicidal maniac over there, come sit down with us." Sara said, totally oblivious to the fact that I only got like this when something bugged me, right now it was this girl.

She sat down, immediately noticed me and took no time in pointing out that she was still pissed off. "Oh. Its you." I don't think I have ever heard so much malice and dislike in three words before.

"Oh god Damien, what did you do now?" Carri asked jokingly.

I sighed; no one ever took my side on these arguments. "Nothing, this time I did nothing, I only retaliated."

"Retaliated? You call that retaliating? All I said was that you could be more polite! And you tell me to fuck off!"

Andy raised his hand. "Ah. Your problem lies there; did you tell him what to do?" He asked calmly.

The girl paused in thought. "I guess, but it shouldn't matter."

"There lies you fault, this man can't take orders from anyone, no orders: happy goth"

I smirked. Andy decided to test his theory for the pure sake of it. "Damien, go get me a soda, okay?"

I raised an eyebrow and didn't budge. "Fuck off."

"See? He's always like that." Andy commented.

"Okay then. My name's Emily." This was the time I took a good look at her. She was shorter than me, put still relatively tall; around 5' 8'' maybe. I was a good 6 foot, but then again I hadn't measured myself recently. She had brown hair with purple highlights in it and extremely dark blue eyes. The best way to describe her was a non-conformist, but she was slightly punkish too.

Andy was the first to accept her. "I'm Andy; it's nice to meet you."

Once Andy recognized her, Sara quickly followed. "I'm Sara."

"Mike." Mike said, and pointed at himself to reinforce the point.

Carri was more like me, less accepting of new people. "Carri." She mumbled.

I just shrugged and went back to eating the gruel that they call food at our school.

Sara playfully slapped me on the back. "Goth boy, aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

I shrugged. "Damien. Don't mess with me." I gave her a warning, so she would expect what was coming for her.

Andy was used to this, so he decided to start a conversation. "What's your favorite band Emily?"

She paused a moment and pushed a strand of purple hair out of her face, behind her ear which had numerous piercings. "Diva Destruction is pretty neat." Well at least she liked some cool music.

Andy turned to Carri and me. "Don't you two like that kind of music?"

"Yeah, but Disturbed and Soil could beat them any day." I pointed out. I personally love 'Halo' by Soil, it was amazing.

"Yeah they are pretty cool too." She agreed, wow, I think that's a first.

Mike whirled around from peering over his shoulder. "Prep alert."

"Oh shit." I muttered.

In less than a couple seconds there were around ten preps standing at the end of our lunch table.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the demon and his little groupies." Jack stated.

"Fuck off bitch."

One of my brother's friends backed him up. "Who are you calling bitch, bitch?"

"Is that the best you could do? Wow. I'm so scared."

Of course my remark, or rather my retaliation, drove that guy over the edge. He lunged forward and grabbed my neck. This guy was apparently on the football team, because he was rather overweight and quite tall really. I was dangling in the air by my neck, which I can tell you is really not that comfortable. "Would you like to say that again, freak?"

Well I wasn't all that scared, because of one or two reasons. First; we were in the cafeteria at school, if they were caught beating someone up them would get detention. And secondly, well, this one was a far stretch, but I scared them. I had the element of surprise. They had never really known a Goth before, so I could still scare them. Oh, and there was a lot of people around, that could also be a problem for them.

I managed to choke out a "Fuck you." before someone shouted at the guy that was holding my throat.

"Hey! Put him down."

Just as he turned his head I brought my elbow up and slammed it into his chin. He bit his tongue quite hard and he let go of my neck. He muttered a couple of curses as I scuttled off to my friends.

Jack and his friends were about to walk off to cause trouble else where, before he turned around. "We'll be back for you ass!"

I breathed a sigh of relief; they wouldn't bug us right now.

"Is that the same guy from this morning?" Emily asked me softly.

"Which one: The guy holding my throat or the preppy bitch?" I grumbled with hate towards both.

"I assume the preppy one was your brother?" I nodded, but barely enough to notice.

Carri walked over and hugged me. "Hey, it's okay, right?" I nodded again and softly hugged her back. She squeezed me one last time and ruffled my hair. "Look I got' a get ta class. See y'all later" She walked off. She took an art class in the building at the edge of our campus, so she had to leave early to get there on time.

Mike was talking to Emily softly. I could make out a couple of words only, but I could tell that he was explaining me to her, or at least trying to. At least I still had the element of surprise, no one could understand me. I sung softly to myself as I decided to walk back to the main building, they seemed content with themselves.

"Take it away, take it away, take away this ball and chain. I'm lonely and I'm tired and I can't take anymore pain."

I started walking off, but Andy and Sara heard me and decided to sing along with me.

"Well it's been ten years, and a thousand tears. And look at the mess I'm in- A broken nose and a broken heart, an empty bottle of gin. Well I sit and I pray. In my broken down Chevrolet- While I'm singin' to myself: There's got to be another way."

Mike heard us and decided to join in the fun, he put his arm around Emily and encouraged her to sing with us.

"Take it away, take it away, take away this ball and chain. I'm lonely and I'm tired and I can't take anymore pain."

We all burst out laughing; sometimes it was just weird how we just broke into song randomly. I had to say that Emily had a good voice. No wait, what am I saying? She's such a bitch and I don't even know her. If she treats me like that she may as well be ignored. The one thing that I could say is that she did have a good choice when it came to music.

"Class time, eh Sara?" Andy squeezed her shoulders. Poor Sara, I don't think Andy noticed how much she liked him and he still treated her like a friend. Sara nodded enthusiastically and the two walked off side by side.

"Well then, Emily would you like a tour of the school?" Mike asked her. I couldn't tell if Mike was hitting on her, or just trying to be friendly. Either way it didn't matter, the two were going to be good friends, I could already tell.

"Sure! Thanks Mike." She pushed a purple strand of hair behind one of her ears. I shrugged and walked towards the school without them, I could tell that I wasn't needed, or wanted for that matter. That girl was no good for our group, I could tell that she was going to split all of us up, and I would be forgotten. It had happened before, yes, they had forgotten about the insensitive goth-boy. Ha, I really did have feelings, opposed to what they thought, I just didn't show them. Nope I was at the school doors and they were still standing there laughing at some joke, they hadn't noticed.


I knew they would come for me. I happened to be sitting in the living room waiting for Claudia to come home and make something to eat. I could cook myself, but she was a good cook so it was worth waiting. There was a knock on the door, and even before I answered it, it was them, them being Jack and his friends.

"Open the door ass!" I had no choice other than opening the door.

As soon as I cracked the door open, it was swung back at me and the big football guy grabbed my neck and proceeded to strangle me. I couldn't breath this time, he was serious. Another one of them began to punch me in the stomach, and I couldn't fight back because I needed to breathe. Then they punched me in the eye, then again in the mouth. I could taste the blood in my mouth. Dammit, I hurt all over. They let me go and I fell to the floor. I slowly crawled on my hands and knees up to my bedroom, they would beat me again if Claudia saw me, so I may as well sleep until I had to get up for school tomorrow.