By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are many things that had suddenly appeared in the darkest reaches of outer space that we wish had stayed back home on Earth.
One of those things was the violent art of war,which had suddenly followed us to our colony on the planet known as Straxas.
At first,they were all living a very peaceful life in the colony,but that was before a whole fleet of extraterrestrial warships from the planet Saddar had attacked the colony and left only a few survivors in the aftermath.
After that,the President of the United Earth Federation has announced that there was to be open warfare against the planet Saddar for the act of cowardace that they had performed against the poor people of that now destroyed colony.
And then,after that speech has been made,each and every member of the Space Guard and Space Guard Reserves had said goodbye to all their loved ones,before heading out to Cape Canaveral for some deep space training.
After some of the recruits had compleated their training,they had taken a shuttle up to the orbiting space station Asimov.
Once there,the recruits had been greeted by the station's commanding officer,Colonel Sam Burgoff,whose job was to let the recruits know what they were about to get themselves into before they had gotten the chance to meet their new commanding officer,a real mad dog from Hell by the name of Major Donald Warfield.
And as long as they are with the Mad Dog himself,we do agree with those young recruits that total victory would soon be in our grasp.
And so,with that,may God bless the United Earth and wish us luck,because in my personal opinion,we're really going to need it.