Ode to my Piano



LR – Everyone has an ode…mine happens to be to my piano…yup yup…it has no certain poetic form so…yeah…if you think about it…I've written this as a metaphor to the world…well sorta…not really…so yeah…




The sound of each key pleases the ears.

The colors of black and white, working together,

To create the beautiful sound it makes.

Each hammer, hitting the strings, ever so delicately.

With each note flowing out from the piano,

Like a bird, just set free from a cage.


With each ascending sound, working independently with one digit,

Music is a bowl of gruel, unpleasant and distorted,

But when all ten dance upon the keys,

True music has been made,

For what is heard is enjoyed by many,

Even those who don't have the "musician's ear."

When a mistake is made, it is only between,

You and the piano.


Like the song of the sirens,

The resonating sound lures you to the piano,

But it's sound, never deadly.

Black and white, black and white,

Working together in unison,

So beautiful, so peaceful, so pure.




LR – There's my ode…to my precious piano…yup…tell me what you think…and I do accept flames…