the Moonlight Club

I hated not knowing anyone; I felt I was the odd one out. I've just moved here from the other side of the world. We now live at number 546 Carnicle Drive. I watched a gang of children on bikes and remembered my friends back home. I snapped out of my nostalgic trance when a girl from the gang I was watching came over and whacked me on the head with her bag. "New, aren't you? I can always tell, and we haven't seen you round here before. I know what will cheer you up, the Moonlight club! we meet at that old house on the corner at midnight tonight" she tilted her head towards a decrepit , spooky mansion-like house "it's number 720" after seeing my complete and utter surprise she looked slightly offended and said rather dejectedly, "look, we only wanted to see if you wanted friends! If you show, there are arrows painted on the floor of the house, if not, then good luck finding other friends to hang out with." with that she majestically clambered onto her bike and rode away followed by the rest of her clique.

Time rolled on; I sat in bed wondering how to get out of the house.  A gust of wind blew the branches of the birch tree away to allow a creamy full moon shine patterns onto my bedroom floor. It dawned on me I could probably climb down the tree sustaining only minor scratches. While I was contemplating this my alarm on my mobile vibrated. It was time to scale the tree and go to the club meeting. I tiptoed to the window and climbed down with nothing but a small scratch on my elbow when I slipped down the trunk and ran out of the gate.

At night, all the houses look dark and alike in some ominous way I couldn't define. The houses seemed like they were leaning in on the street, they stretched as far as I could see. But I wasn't thinking of that, I was trying to remember the house number which I was told by the girl on the bike. Was it 702? 207? Finally I saw a house bigger than the others and much scarier looking. When I asked my father about it (but not the meeting obviously!!!) he said it was owned by some guy named Swaytly and his family line but they didn't live there as far as he knew. I agreed, who would choose to live in such an awful place?

The house was tall and narrow. It looked more like a crypt than a home. The bleakness and straight rectangular edges of the house cut out into the darkness. It made me shudder. An owl deciding to hoot at that exact time did not help console me either. The door was one of those old Victorian ones. It made me fell as if I was being watched. As I reached the porch and extended my hand to a knocker which looked as if it would crumble in my hand I shivered. The door opened before I even knocked although there was no one there.

The hall walls had but one photo frame with the label 1968 ~ MY CREW. I stared at the mottled photo but it was either very blurred or blank. I followed the florescent painted arrows on the floor to a room filled with beanbag chairs and a quite rowdy impatient group of disgruntled kids. It was the bike gang.

"finally we can begin," said the red-haired girl I now recognised as pack leader, "this is the moonlight club, and welcome our new members," she pointed to me, the others were divided in claps and mutterings "you coming here shows you worthy to be in the group" a few of the older members began to protest but she silenced them with a piercing glare. We are more than a band of children, we are like sailors to an unknown land, like Columbus!" the other members bowed their heads and placed their hands on their heart as it were a prayer "we are Columbus' crew! But we will not mutiny!!!!!! We will follow him into the unknown faithfully and we WILL stay together, amen."

I looked around wondering if these people were pulling my leg, that or they were completely mental. I figured what they were doing was a test of loyalty, and tried to see if any of them were stifling giggles. They were deadly serious.

"Shut your eyes, and think of a spiral, spinning counter-clockwise, let the spiral suck you in to the unknown" this was plain stupid. I opened my eyes, then blinked, then blinked again. The group was turning into smoke, slowly getting blurry. Screaming, I ran out of the room and into the hall. In the frame the photo was getting clearer, it looked like my friends or my potential ones anyway. I suddenly felt my hands getting itchy, I couldn't feel my feet. They were but wisps of smoke. There was a photo of me smiling with the others. With my last breaths I did not scream, it was futile, but just realised the inevitable. ~ The Moonlight Club stayed together, in a frame, and I was a member.