~This song/poem is for a woman who made me realize that I am not alone in my fight against the system.~

She walks Silently

She sits and waits
with her head held high
she knows that she can touch the sky
yet all that there is she'd done
was left back there with unconcern
and nobody can touch
what she's made, she made it all right

She came home late at night and sat
In the dark tears in her eyes
like diamonds In the mud of this life
She shined for me
she did what's right ,she shined
She stood in that room dark and cold
And sang of her problems old
And as she moved the lights came on
and as she sang that room grew warm
with all the love she'd found that night
this is the thing that she did right
she called yeah she called on me

together we with all we're worth
set out to free the world of hate
and all the time we still held fate some day
there will be peace some day there will be peace

as we walked, quietly ,there came visions onto me
these things she'd passed along the way
the hope that there'd be better days
the poor the lone the trodden and weak
will all have voice when she do speak
of all the things we fight for now
these are the trials that drives us hard
don't fight for what you should not have
when people cry for what you waste
give them to me

ill find a way
give them to me

~ on one of my night walks I came across what I thought was a bag lady. She had a shopping cart filled with tin cans and glass bottles. Her cart tipped over and since my dog already started investigating her wares I decided to help before he caused her any more trouble. We talked for quite a while and I found out some interesting things about her. One being that she is no bag lady she was Mrs. Vivian R. Wickens she worked for the city of Pahokee and belonged to the Chamber of Commerce. Having met her once before at a luncheon sponsored by the SOA foundation and the Arthur R Marshall foundation I decided to walk along with her for a while .I helped her pile all her cans and such into her car (an 84 trecel ) and accepted a ride home.

The next time I saw her walking the streets at night I did not hesitate to help her. This time I went with her to her home and helped bag cans for a few hours. She lived in a large white house with blue and yellow trimmings a large porch with comfy chairs and such and a small parrot that spoke Spanish. What surprised me about her place was that she had no furniture. When I finally built up the courage to ask why she told me that she donated or sold all of her possessions so that she could open a homeless shelter.

I caught the bus home that afternoon and thought about what she had said for the rest of the day. I did not go out that night.

I received a letter from her a few days ago inviting me to a sorority breakfast where I received six hours of community service and a scholarship for $1500 dollars. Think what you want but there are some good moments in life. This was my first in a long while and I am very grateful for it.