Chapter 20

The atmosphere around the two men froze. Absolute silent pressed its weight upon the forest. Darius calculated his opponent; there was not temperature in his eyes. The blood-thirsty instinct had been wakened. The blow given by Kythrus had gave him an estimation of his opponent, one not to be met very often, who could possibly even rival his own strength, a worthy opponent. This discovery excited him.

They both stood dead still, watching each other with hawk-like gaze. Watching the opponent's every move. They all knew one thing - the first to move, looses the first chance. The battle had already begun.

The tension tightened with every second that had passed.

A rustle in the grass torn apart the tension, both men executed their attack at the same instance. Blades of wind soared their way towards Darius. The latter merely lifted his hand and the blades were deflected out of his way. Yet before Darius could react, Kythrus shifted right in front of him with an inhumane speed. He struck with such force that Darius was sent skidding backwards by the force.

Darius steadied himself. The trees along side of him were lifted from the roots, creating a huge clearing of nothingness with in the forest. Even the enormous ancient oaks did not survive the tragic fate. He looked up at Kythrus emotionlessly. He touched the corner of his lips and felt the blood carefully on his finger. A flicker of surprise appeared in his eyes, it was then replaced with a smile that could send a chill done anyone's spine.

"Not bad... not bad at all..." he said calmly, as he walked placidly towards Kythrus.

Kythrus looked at him with utter enjoyment. The thrill of excitement ran down his spine. He gathered his thought and concentrated on the movement of the air surrounding him. An invisible force started to circle around him. His surrounding as if sensed the danger quivered in fear. Darius noticed the change in the air immediately, but did nothing. He merely moved calmly towards his opponent.

Suddenly, Kythrus's eyes shot open and within that split second thousands of invisible wind blades sliced towards Darius in every direction. There was a huge explosion, the dust that was thrown into the air created a dusky mist that covered Kythrus's vision. He was certain that no human could have survived the attack.

A light sneer sounded behind him. An invisible force struck him straight on the chest and knocked the air out of his lungs. He managed to jump the way just in time before something shattered the ground that he was standing on a moment ago. Kythrus panted. This enemy was far more difficult to handle as he had imagined. He tightened his grip of the sword and without any hesitation he struck at his opponent. Darius simply stepped a side as his cloak bellowed in the air with his movement.

Kythrus was swift and quick with his attack. The sword seemed weightless in his hands as if the sword had become one with him. His movements were as fluent as the water. Darius dodged lazily as he examined Kythrus carefully. He let out a slight sigh and waved his hand. A glow of brilliant white light bloomed from the tips of his fingers. Kythrus was flung into the air and barely managed to land of his feet. Yet as soon as he landed he dashed out again to execute yet as another attack. Darius managed to shift just in time to avoid the attack but the sharpness of the sword did cut him slightly on the shoulder.

Kythrus stood him ground and did not advance again, while Darius simply remain stationary and carefully examining him with sheer curiosity. Gradually Darius azure eyes changed back to its brilliant blue. "I think that would be enough for now. I have no wish in killing a worthy opponent. Nor do I intend to waste my time here indulged in this pointless battle."

"I don't need your mercy." Kythrus spat out the words.

"That's why I'm giving it to you; here is not the place for you to die."

Kythrus burst out laughing at his words. His rich and deep laughter echoed in the night. "I suppose it's an honour to receive such a comment from you." He sheathed his sword and announced his name, "Kythrus Foriutos."

"I see." No wonder he could master the wind with such ease, he thought and suddenly remembering something.

"Where is she?"


"Lianda, please, you need to calm down! Burning down the forest is not going to help you find her." Ardis urged behind the furious woman in front of him while dodging the occasionally thrust of flames.

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Her patience was struggling on the last thread. The thought loosing her childhood friend ate at her sanity. Suddenly she stopped in her track.

"I know where she is." She said

"What?" Ardis asked confusingly

"Come, I know where she is, she is still alive" she ran past Ardis without any warning and went into the woods. Ardis stood his ground for a brief moment trying to figure out what the girl was up to and decided against his mind to follow.


In the room, the dim light played its magic on the young woman's face as she smiled triumphantly at the boy tied up at her feet. "I told you, you should have let me go. Then you won't have suffered this much."

"You cheater, fight me properly!" the young boy squirmed as he tried to loosen the ropes.

Evelyn bent down in front of him and sighed, "You really should know when to stop."

"You tricked into opening that for you, you used magic! You foul-player!"

"I wouldn't really call it that, you know." Evy smiled at the little boy. A child is always a child, a little trick and a little provoking was enough to get her out the binds, "at most it would be sigh of your incompetence, boy." She emphasized on her last word, and watched with delight as the boy's cute face twisted in anger.

"Don't you call me that!" he screamed.

She bent down to his level and patted him lightly on the head, "oh you poor little child, wait here quietly for your master like a good kid, okay?" There was a light glint of mischief in her eyes, and the look of utter satisfaction appeared on her little face as the boy let out a scream of frustration and annoyance.

She chuckled lightly, "I have to go; it was nice meeting you." Her perfect manner was the worst mockery in the boy's ears. Tears started to form in those big brilliant green eyes, with a prelude of a whimper, the boy burst in tears. Huge tears drops fell from his eyes and shattered onto the floor. It was Evelyn's to feel completely incompetent. She had no idea how to comfort a child, as she was always on the receiving end of comforts. The boy gave her a sense of unusual familiarity, seeing him hurt arouses a nameless guilt within her. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but from the moment she met him, she was fond of him. She clumsily placed her hand on his head and patted him lightly awkwardly trying to imitate her mother's actions when she was comforting her. Her effort was obliterated as the boy's cries picked up a louder volume.

"Is it not enough that you humiliate me!" he cried

"Well, I'm sorry I suppose. You don't really be nice to your enemies. It's common knowledge." She muttered completely at lost in dealing with current situation.

The door burst open. Two figures stepped into the room.

"Darius!" Evelyn called and ran into his arms. All manners were forgotten, just the pure happiness of seeing him again.

Darius was taken back slightly by her bold move, but circled his arms around her and felt his heart sink back into place as the familiar warmth surrounds him. He rang his finger through her silky hair and was satisfied as her sweet scent once again filled his senses. He looked down into her eyes, for a moment time stopped. Nothing else mattered. She was in his arms and the world only consisted of him and the little woman in his arms, and that was enough.

"Evy!" the person that entered the room next, took Evy mercilessly from Darius arms. "Are you alright!? If you do this to me again, I will kill you myself!" Lianda screamed at the top of her lungs. The expression on her was not worry, but sheer fury. Evelyn could not speak as she being shook back and forth violently under her friend's anger. She merely nodded her head quickly and nervously. Lianda was still carried away with her shaking of Evy, but the sudden temperature change in the room sent uninvited shivers up her spine. She stopped her movement abruptly and turned slowly towards the source of the freezing cold. Darius glaring at her.

"Ha...h..." she chuckled nervously, realizing suddenly a fact that could possible kill her on the spot. She just took Evy from Darius arms! And she openly attacked her! Knowing the Older twin's temper, and his "love" for Evy from her observance in the past few days she would probably not survive this time. Now fully understood the possible consequence, she hid behind Ardis within a blink of an eye, and only stuck her head to check if the coast will be clear any time soon. Evelyn on the other hand dropped to the ground as Lianda let go too quickly. But before she hit the hard floor, she was back into Darius's arms again. Darius check if Evy was unhurt and then lift up his head again and gave Lianda a glare that was enough to turn hell into a glacier zone. Lianda swallowed hard her little hands were now digging into Ardis's arm.

"She's alright!" she announced nervously out of nowhere. "I promise you! I checked just now!" Silence greeted her.

Ardis coughed lightly, which broke the tension slightly. "Both of you, stop this. I think we have more important things to discuss right now." then he looked at his brother, "If after this you are still not satisfied, I will hand her personally to you." A light smile that definitely was not friendly spread that he corner of Darius's lips a he nodded lightly to his brother.

"Ardis!" Lianda hissed, 'how dare you betray me! You are my tutor!"

"No worries…I will teach you how to defend yourself." He smiled at Lianda as her face paled due to fear.

"Are you mad? No one can defend oneself against that!" Lianda glared hard at her tutor, praying that he would change his mind, but he simply just smile at her, and extend his arm to pull her cloer to him.

"Darius, who is the gentleman behind you?"


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