"Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but is it safe to assume that you sense some animosity between yourself and your parents?" Dr. Montgomery scribbled a few things on her notebook, probably something along the lines of 'does not play well with others'

"Are you sure you're a licensed counselor, because I don't think you knew what you were doing just then."

"I can assure you that I am a licensed counselor. Now I think that we should talk about your feelings towards your parents."

"Are you sure you don't want to ask me about my tragic childhood, or tell me how wonderful my life is and that I have everything to live for?"

            "I don't think that telling you what you have to live for would help you overcome this. If you want to tell me about my tragic childhood then you are welcome to."

"Well, lets see, in October 1987 I was born to Juliet and Ethan Collins. Juliet's real name is Chesna Juliet and she's a Slovakian native, her parents moved to this country when she was ten. Ethan grew up in Indiana. Juliet went to some art school around Boston and Ethan went to UNH. They met at a concert and started seeing each other. Juliet was a talented, beautiful, painter who had attracted the interest of all the single men on her campus, and Ethan. They had been seeing each other non-exclusively for about a month when Ethan proposed. Whether or not they loved one another is debatable, But Juliet, who has mentioned that their relationship was more quick then comfortable, felt obligated to accept, and Ethan was certainly attracted to her in some way. They got married three months after that, in June. Over the summer Juliet got pregnant…"

"Excuse me Trista, but I'm not sure what this has to do with your issues."

Trista directed her steely gaze at the Doctor, "My parents have a lot to do with my life Doctor Montgomery, I'm sure you'll bear with me as I, enlighten you. You don't have any other appointments today do you?"

"No I don't you're my last."

Trista leaned back on the couch, "Good. Evasive silence is time consuming, but if I'm you're last appointment then it won't be a problem. Of course, I suppose I should finish my story before ignoring you. As I was saying, Juliet got pregnant over the summer and dropped out of college. Ethan didn't want to drop out or transfer, and they couldn't find any housing for a no-income family, so Juliet lived with some friends in Boston and Ethan came and visited his wife and fetus on weekends. One weekend he came home stone drunk and beat Juliet. She went into labor and delivered her baby two months early. It was a girl, Ursula, my sister, who died when she was five days old. Had Juliet had a backbone, and had she not begged her friends not to say anything, the police would've stepped in, and he would probably have gone to jail, or she would've just left him. But she didn't, after all, it was the first time something like this had happened. But after that incident Juliet became very religious. She attended a nearby Catholic Church regularly, went to confession once or twice a week, and prayed long and hard for her husbands wandering soul. She took up painting and did several nice religious pieces for congregation members, being paid. This went on for two years until she got pregnant again. In addition to doing her paintings, she was working a small part time job and making just enough for them to afford an apartment, and food, their parents helped by sending baby supplies. Ethan was still in college, he was almost done, in his last year, not coming home very often at all working to finish as soon as possible. He did make it home for the birth of his son, Matthew Connor, or Mac. Juliet quit her part time job to stay home with Mac, but she kept painting. Ethan graduated and got a fairly well paying job, and they moved into a nicer apartment and began saving up for a home, which they bought seven years later right after I was born."

Dr. Montgomery made a few notes in her book before looking up. "Well Trista, I must admit that this is interesting, but I thought you were going to tell me about your 'tragic' childhood and how that triggered your suicide attempt."

Trista sat up and leaned forward, smiling in a way that was so overly angelic it was frightening. "Well Doctor, I told you I'd tell you about my 'tragic' childhood, but who said anything about divulging why I did what I did? You're a psychologist Doctor, you should know that the road to the answer is much more exciting then the answer itself. So why don't you ask me some basic questions and I'll give you some basic answers, sound like deal?"

Dr. Montgomery nodded, "That sounds fair. What kind of question should I ask?"

Trista narrowed her eyes into a glare, "how the hell should I know what you should ask? What do you think you need to know? What's helpful to you people? Was I abused, do I prefer unicorn or dragons, when did I loose my virginity, how many people I've fucked, whether or not I do drugs, am I a happy little bitch? Why don't you choose?"

"How about this for starters, why are you here, in this office?"

"Because my parents went psycho after I tried to kill myself and I thought I could use counseling. But that's not what you wanted to hear, you didn't think I would be so literal."

"You're right, that isn't the answer I was looking forward. Did your father ever abuse you or your brother?"

"Mac was perfect, he still is, he's going to college at Cornell, he's some kind of genius. Dad acknowledged that and never did or said anything negative to him. He was always pretty good to mom, he'd yell at her every so often nothing physical." Trista leaned back and folded her hands in her lap.

"What about you?"

"He's slapped me a few times, yelled at me, nothing that could really be considered abuse."

"What do you consider abuse Trista?"

"If he severely beat me, drew blood, left bruises, did it on an everyday basis, then I'd call it abuse."

"So you don't think your father abuses you?"

"I don't think he abuses me, I know he doesn't. I'm not some pathetic abused child who gets a kick out of masochism. If my father had been an abuser, I would've tried to kill him, not myself. Don't get me wrong, I truly resent my father, but he's not abusive."

"Why do you resent him?"

She tilted her head back and laughed, Dr. Montgomery's caught eyes caught a slight glint sparkling off a previously unnoticed nose piercing. "Why do I resent him? Why not? He doesn't care about me, I'm not perfect enough, not smart enough, not talented enough. I stopped giving him a reason to tolerate me when I entered middle school, and he never gave me a reason to tolerate him."