By:Andrew Troy Keller

Aboard a space frieghter
Known as the USS Boxlightner,
A scientist named Alan Goldblum and his family
Had looked out of a portal to see
A far away star glow more brighter.

But then suddenly,
The whole Goldblum family
Were shocked to discover
The star explode and the Boxlightner
Was in the shock wave's path to be.

The shock wave had struck the ship
And caused it to go on a trip
Far away from the known galaxy
And into another type of galaxy
That was unknown to everyone aboard the ship.

It was a solar system with two suns
And the family had agreed that the trip was no longer fun.
Of course,they had no idea as to
How long they had to
Be stuck inside that galaxy with the dual sun.

And no one back on Earth had no
Idea on where to go
To find them,until at least forty years later,
When a deep space probe ship had entered that sector
And started scanning for the ship that was lost a long time ago.

The ship has been found.
It had entered a planet's atmosphere and landed on the ground
Of a large island mass.
After the probe ship had landed next to the landbound mass,
The probe's crew had discovered that the ship was not the only thing they've found.

The Boxlightner kids had all grown up
On a planet where the sun was always up.
As for their mom and dad,
All of the kids had
No choice,but to do the one thing without them--grow up.

After several years of living with a sun over their heads
All the time,both Mom and Dad are dead
Due to extreme dehydration.
Right there and then,the mission
Has finally been concidered a work of dread.

Just then,they had been ordered by the United Earth
Federation to bring the young Boxlightners back to Earth.
And after they all had boarded the probe ship,
They had blasted off the planet and started the trip
Across deep space to Earth.

Soon,they'll be happy to see a single moon,
For they'll be home soon.
Soon,they'll be happy to see a single sun,
Because two was really not very fun.
Neither was seeing no moon.

So,if you really want to go to someplace that is fun,
You really do need to stay away from the galaxy with the dual sun.