It takes two enemies to start a war,
It takes two friends to make the peace once more.
You can drown in sorrow from your tears of pain.
You've seen it through before,
And you can see it through again.

Without a song the music's lost in time,
Without the fall we can't begin to climb.
We gain experience from the choices we make.
The wrong decision is fine,
If we can learn from our mistakes.

We don't value friendship until we're alone,
We can't miss the things we've never known.
Can't reach the garden without passing the gate,
If you don't treasure life now,
Before you know it, it will be too late.

Count the minutes and you will reach the hour,
Plant the seed and you will grow a flower.
Can't reach day without facing the night,
For every question there's an answer.
Forget the darkness and remember the light.