Supporting Cast

Forgotten, lost, abandoned;

Ditched, dismissed, or left unheard.

Requests linger in the air;

Questions arise, we don't know where.

A suspicion here then a comment absurd;

In this way we learn our lot.

Illusions no longer distract reality,

Center sun of the universe.

Truths now forcefully insist;

Specks of dust, we merely exist.

No shining star to produce the life,

Only here to reflect the light.

Truly we find no leading place;

No starring role, no center stage.

In the audience, alone in the crowd;

Noone listens, our voice is caged.

In that group, added chorus brightens suns surrounding;

Alone the sound is dead, tainted, ignored silence.

Background noise, that's all they think,

When they see us do a walk-on.

Dance dance little monkey;

Beg for notice, beg for coin.

Taken for granted;

Mere sidenote, comrade.

Determine if this truth;

Do not rant, do not rave.

Anger simmers, it does not boil.

Find a path, walk away;

Believe in self, in numbers not.

Lead the song not the chorus.