I Am Me Pt. II

I am a leader,

Although sometimes I am too afraid to step forward.

I am still a writer,

Though I've learned how to shape my thoughts better.

I have much room for improvement,

And am still an amateur in many areas.

I've gone through depression more than once,

But now I can truly say,

I'm alright,

I'm happy,

And I'm able to move on in life.

I know what it's like to have a broken heart,

And to think life will never be the same.

I was right;

Life never is the same.... it's better.

Time heals all wounds,

And brings along better things.

The Burger King days are over,

And I've been through A&W days too.

But now I'm done with fast food,

Though I'm not sure where I'm going next.

Until then I'll continue being a poor, moneyless bum.

My self-esteem is not as low as it used to be;

I still don't think very highly about myself,

But I'm confident in how I am.

Besides, we wouldn't want my ego

Getting too big now would we?

I'm happy with how I look,

And even though I'm not the prettiest girl around,

It works to my advantage,

Because then I know when someone likes me,

It's for me, not my looks.

My brother and I have been rather close lately,

Though at times his overprotectiveness drives me up the wall.

Still, I wouldn't trade him for anyone else.

I love my new friends to death,

But don't get me wrong,

I still love the old ones just as much.

My new friends are.... different.

More like me I guess you could say.

They're all Christians,

And they're all crazy.

Especially Chris and Josh.

I have no idea where I'm going in life,

But I'm not worried.

I know God will show me

Where he wants me to go.

I've decided not to go to my prom.

I'd have more fun spending that night with the guys,

And girls,

Than I would going to Prom with one friend.

Besides, it's an extra 50$ in my pocket,

Money I can use to buy wheels and stuff for my deck.

I'm going to learn how to skateboard.

It's something I've always wanted to learn,

But never had the guts to do.

My dad thinks I'll break my neck.

I told him he's wrong,

But secretly I agree.

But I'm still going to learn,

I'll just have to be cautious.

Besides, Jared says I have more than enough coordination.

I'll listen to him.

All too often I put myself in a position where I can get hurt.

That's when I wish I had listened to my mom.

I forgive easily,

But even I can only let someone hurt me so much,

Before I can't take it anymore.

I'm not a pushover,

I just believe everyone deserves

More than one chance.

I often wonder why some girls get all the attention,

Yet I'm lucky if one guy likes me.

I guess it's one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe.

But oh well,

Life is still just as grande.

I've learned it can be hard to 'walk the walk',

But I wouldn't turn back to the world for anything.

It's a hard, rocky path,

But in the end it's worth it.

If through my struggles

I can help one person,

I'll be satisfied.

I'm terrible at philosophy.

You'd think I'd understand it,

Since I'm such a deep thinker.

But it's 50ft over my head.

I still couldn't tell you

The difference between Voltaire, Bacon, and Locke.

I still sleep with stuffed animals

When I'm scared or upset.

There's still comfort in doing that;

And sometimes it cures my fears

Of monsters in the closet.

Nestea is addictive.

I enjoy doing strange things,

Because I like being unique.

I also like the attention...

But don't tell anyone.

Thousand Foot Krutch is the best band ever;

Trevor McNeven is so cool.

I've only been to two of their concerts,

And they were two of the best times

I've ever had.

Mosh pits are fun, but scary.

Skanking to Sadie Hawkins Dance is also fun.

If you've never heard that song, download it.

It's the best song ever,

And Relient K rocks.

I want to travel to Europe one day,

Visit all the historical sites.

I love history,

It's so intriguing.

I despise Soap Operas,

They're way too predictable.

I've been 'messed up' good for God.

You want an amazing experience?

Give it all to God, let Him take control.

Being on a spiritual high

Is on of the best things

You will ever experience.

Worshiping God is another awesome experience.

All out worship fills you with such peace,

And you feel so close to God.

I love it.

I'm still me;

Though growing and changing.

I'm still a Christian,

And I still would die for any of my friends.

My eyes are still blue,

But my hair is no longer strawberry blonde.

Now it's red.

I still hate coupons.

I am a Jedi Master.

I even have a Padewan.

And a rainbow coloured lightsaber.

I took the red pill.

I'm learning how to play guitar.

I'm not that good though.

But I know the chords,

And I've even written a song.

I also learned the Bond theme;

Well, part of it anyways.

Randomness rules.

So does Rock'n'Roll.

I am still just a number to the government,

Though now I'm an important number.

It's scary to realize I'm an adult.

I've learned a lot about myself,

In the last two years.

But no matter what,

I will always be me.