The year is 2007, five years after the accident. A lot of changes have occurred since then.

After Lyzander left the hospital he dropped out of school, too stricken from grief to return. The only career field that he could enter was construction, so that's exactly what he did. He despised it.

When he had earned enough money, he moved out of his parent's house, and into an apartment of his own a few towns over, all before Cain got home. He pretty much diapered from the face of the earth to those who had previously known him.

To fill the void that Cain had left open, Lyzander turned to the cruel world of cheap love to please his desires. He would go out to bars usually everyday after work, and come home with a different guy every night. He was really starting to hit rock bottom. He would have been dead by now if it hadn't been for his friend Barnaby, who always seemed to know the right thing to say to keep Lyzander on track.
After the accident, Cain was a changed person. A few of the physical scars stayed with him, but emotional scars run deeper than those of the flesh. He felt betrayed by Lyzander, thought that he hadn't faithful enough to him to keep him sticking around. He felt like a failure.

For a career, Cain chose the path of body art. He always had a knack for drawing and socializing, so it seemed like the logical choice. His work pleased him, and took his mind of of the plague of Lyzander for about seven hours a day, but after that he was back into his depression. He always dwell on Lyzander.

Unbeanownst to him he resides in the town next to Lyzander's in a small bachelor pad. He has only casually dated around after Lyzander left.