All the stars,

In all the skies,

Could never be,

What you were to me...


Such a sweet girl...

Who touched many lives...

Why did you decide...

That you wanted to die?


It hurts to think about.

I miss you so much...

The candle was blown out,

I am starting to drown...


I cannot see anymore,

The sky is all black.

Without your light there...

I cannot come back.


Why did you do it?

Why wasn't I there?

Was it all my fault?

Did you not know I care?


It's too late now,

To ask such questions.

You life has passed,

Gone in a flash...


Along with you

You took my smile

You see, I haven't smiled...

In quite a while.


I wish you were here

For me to talk to

But I know now

Heaven awaits you.


Goodbye my sweet angel, my friend and my companion, may God grant you eternal peace.

In loving memory of my dear friend Angela