This is written in the Point of View of my Brain. There are parts where my Brain is talking to my Heart.
Feel free to tell me what you think.
This is a story-type-poem.

The Game is Finally Over...But We Both Lost...


My heart is crying.
But I cannot help it
The sobs are depressing
Darkening the deepest pit.

I have tried to ignore her,
But she's been distracting me.
Her sobs are so loud,
I've become a zombie.

She's kept me from food,
I can't sleep at night.
To block out her pain,
I'd cut myself with a knife.

But it's no use,
No matter what I try,
She'll always be there,
Disturbing my thoughts with her cries.

I've ignored her for years, hiding her away
Kept in all the dark,
But left out the light.
It seems getting help is the hardest part.

She weeps day and night,
And it's driving me mad.
I can't concentrate,
And it angers my dad.

She yet she's still weeping.
What can I do for her, or say?
I try telling her it's nothing,
That it's nothing, crying night and day.

But nothing works.
I've tried to talk to someone,
But it only makes her more upset,
And suddenly, I want to run.

But I can't; I'm stuck here,
Locked away as the brain.
I can't run, but I can try to stop her from talking over.
But her tears fall endlessly like rain.

This never ending rain; she has taken over.
I can no longer fight back, but to unwillingly adhere
Let her use my mouth to channel herself.
And what I hear makes me want to kick my rear.

I am angry I did not let her talk sooner.
She said all she'd needed was someone to trust.
That she hated being alone in this world.
With no one to talk to, she says trust is a must.

But I was here the whole time!
She said I restrained her from the world.
That I held her loves and dreams back,
As well as everyone who made her beat and twirl.

What can I say, I'm sorry?
I'm sorry I never let you live.
But it's too late isn't it?
You cannot make the choice and relive.

I have tainted you for too long.
Your thoughts all come out as evil,
You want to do nothing but hate.
You can't stand me being civil.

You helped me lock in your pain.
You thought it would keep you away from harm.
Well it didn't sweetie. You're still crying.
You're worthless. Don't cry while I go and scrape my arms.

I walk into the bathroom,
Ignoring her wails.
They don't affect me anymore
As I bend over and step on my cat's tail.

Oh, I've gone and done it again.
She's crying some more.
I'm done with my slits and I cringe.
I watch the blood flow out; Movie Gore.

My arms are covered in scars,
All because I ignored my heart,
But I get a thrill in bossing her around
And the cuts are the best part.

I feel happy when she cries;
I feel like the boss.
But I have a secret to tell you.
That's a lie that I love to throw and toss.

I need to whisper, or she might hear.
It's all a lie. All of it.
But I need these masques.
They make sure I don't fall for her shit.

I'm just as weak as her,
Maybe even more. But I can't let her know that.
When she cries, I wish to give in as well.
But I don't want to look like even more a rat.

And when she said she wanted love,
I'd been secretly wising for the same thing.
She and I have already been through much.
But no, I won't go through that again. No, because I am King.

I feed her obscenities to try and ruin her hope.
It works, and she believes it.
Now she thinks she's worthless, ugly and stupid.
I can feel her heart stop for a second...and it begins to shift.

She begins to beat wildly, and it gives me a headache.
She heard every word I'd just said.
There's no way to avoid her look of hope
And soon she'll be glowing red.

Half and hour later, I walk into the bathroom again.
We're both confused and lost.
I don't know what to do...I feel I won
But so does she. There is a might cost.

Some higher power, for she and I were both done with,
Makes me pick up the blade.
My wrists are slit, and we both cry out.
She and I are now quiet. Amazing trade.

I watch as she beats,
Her last drops pour out.
The blood she use to feed me stops
I realize with horror what I've done and I shout.

I have killed us both.
I try to force blood back away from her.
But that only takes away from her.
Too bad! I need to survive. And that, she must see!

She begins to weep.
She has dried out.
My greed has left her gone.
I struggle to form a pout.

The game is finally over.......but we both lost........