Chapter 1—"The Fall"


Once upon a time, there lived a pleasant little girl called Nina.

She lived in this pleasant little cottage in a province in Ireland with her Grandma Andrea.

Their house was miles away from any neighbors.

Her parents died long ago in a war.

Today, she was just happily strolling along in the woods gathering firewood since it was winter when the ground suddenly fell from under her.

"Ah!" She screamed, as she struggled to hold a nearby sapling.

But she lost her hold on the plant.

She fell down a chasm, then her head hit a large rock jutting out from the side.

She felt herself get light as a feather, and then she saw someone else falling down the chasm beside her.

She drifted to the person--- 'drifted'??!! She realized that she could now drift easily from side to side and down, but it was very hard to drift upwards.

And she also saw the face of the 'person' beside her, and she finally realized that she was only a soul now… the 'person' was her old body- she had died when her head hit the wall.

It chilled her heart to see her dead body- but wait! She no longer had a heart…

And so she continued falling down the chasm, and she soon noticed that the sides of it were getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller…