Chapter 17-"A Strange Meal"


Nina and company decided to head for the Doldrums.

"Okay, how much longer is it 'till we reach the Doldrums?" Nina asked.

"In about a day or two of flying," Lucien answered.

Nina yawned quite loudly. Even in Hell, she got sleepy. Her stomach growled. She remembered that she got hungry too.

"Can we stop flying first and get something to eat? I'm terribly hungry..." Nina said.

"Hey, me too!" Lucia complained.

"Fine," Lucius and Lucien said simultaneously.

Hell is a very strange place. It does not constantly look the same. Sometimes the sky is black, sometimes gray, and sometimes reddish.

"Why is the sky so red today?" Nina commented.

"Oh, the sky's color depends on Lucifer's mood. He's raging mad right now, since he hasn't caught us yet. We should really hurry up now," Lucien said as they landed softly on the wormy ground, which never really changed in appearance.

"Where's the food?" Nina asked. In her pocket, Mila, who was probably hungry as well, made whining noises, very different from her usual gurgly self.

Lucius started digging on the wormy ground with his bare hands. A mucus-like liquid with a foul stench, like rotting meat, spurted out. Nina gagged.

"Yuck! What are you doing?" she asked.

"This is how we get our food especially when we're traveling," Lucius answered.

He started pulling out a violently thrashing creature, while the foul liquid splashed all over him. The creature made horrible screeching noises. Nina squealed.

"What in the world is that?" she shouted.

"This is our food, and we're going to eat it," Lucius said, as he snapped the creature's neck.

Nina gagged at the thought.

"Oh come on," Lucien said. "We're going to cook it," he said, as he conjured a fire that floated in midair above his hand.

Nina took a closer look at the creature, trying to ignore the stench at the same time. It looked like a fat chicken with a much larger beak. Its feathers were small compared to a chicken's feathers.

"What's it called?" she asked, trying to ignore the stench.

"It's a Dodo. It's a bird that became extinct sometime in the 19th century. All extinct animals go straight to Hell. In fact, they're the only animals here." Lucien answered.

'Wow,' Nina thought, suddenly looking at Mila. Mila was hungry just like them, and was making gurgling sounds, eager to have a bite out of the Dodo.

Lucien cooked the Dodo in the midair flame. He waved his hand and made the Dodo float, just above the flame, and slowly turned it around. Soon, the Dodo was cooked. The stench was gone.

"It smells delicious!" Nina said.

They all eagerly ate the meal. The Dodo was quite large, and it filled their empty stomachs.

"That was great," Lucia said.

Nina yawned. "I'm really sleepy. Can we rest first?"

"You can sleep on the way. We have to get going now. There is no doubt that Lucifer has sent some troops after us. Look at the sky," Lucien said, and Nina noticed the sky once again, with its sickly blood red color.

"Lucifer. Light bearer. A fitting name for our brother indeed," Lucius said. Nina looked confused. When Lucius said 'Lucifer', she heard the words 'light bearer' as well, and when he said light bearer, she heard him say 'Lucifer' as well.

"Why am I hearing two words at the same time? It's confusing," Nina said.

Lucia laughed. "Getting used to talking in Hell, eh? You're starting to understand how languages work down here. They're interchangeable."

Nina blushed slightly.

They suddenly heard an eerie, bloodcurdling roar.

"Oh no," Lucien said, his wings suddenly unfolding.

"Let's go! Quickly!" Lucia said, eyes wide open in fear.

"What was that?" Nina whispered.

"Titus has come," Lucien explained. "Titus was created by Lucifer himself. He wanted to create creatures, just like God, and he has developed his own technique for it, but he can only create evil creatures since his motives are also evil."

"Enough chattering, Lucien!" Lucius hissed. "We must leave!" Mila, in Nina's arms, was making high pitched squeals of fear.

"To the Doldrums!" Lucia exclaimed.

Lucien picked up Nina, and the three fallen angels took off. Titus was closing in on them rapidly; Nina's scent was causing him to move even faster.


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