Scraps from the Mind of the Author (as Ruined by Sineult and Company)

Hi! *waves* This is a true story of what I go through every chapter, every day, when writing new adventures of Sineult and Co. Just giving you a taste of what madness dwells in the mind of this author! Also it's my birthday fic, so happy nineteenth birthday to me!!

If you've read the original series, Lost and Found, you may find yourself a little confused by the interaction between the characters, so be forewarned! This is what goes on in my head, and in that slightly squashy place, all of them knew each other long before they meet in the story. So if you get a little bewildered by the fact that Sineult already knows Onyx in LAF chapter 2, that's why! *grin*

So enjoy!

In first versions of Lost and Found chapter 2, Sineult's crying scene went off without a hitch. However, by the third time around, he was a little... um... bored?

Sineult: *pouting* No! I don' want t' cry 'gain! I want t' go play wi' Onyx! You said I could if I was nice AND I WAS NICE!!!

dolphin: *sweatdrop* What have I gotten myself into...

During the writing of Lost and Found chapter 3, the bedroom scene, Sineult took a sudden and violent liking to Jade's quilt. Enter a black catsuit, black high-heeled boots and pair of black shades.

Sineult, now wearing said black items: *evil cackle* Mine! All mine! *pounces on quilt, casting secretive spy-type glances to both sides*

dolphin: You know, you're going to kill yourself in those boots. Couldn't you change back? I'm trying to write your chapter here.

Sineult: Sh'sh, y're messin' up my secret op'rations. *grabs quilt and looks for proper secret agent way out of room* *stomps high heel poutingly* No fair, no fire 'scape.

dolphin: *foolishly not thinking* There's a window.

Sineult: *face lights up* Okay! *goes to window and holds quilt out, prepared to drop it down and jump after*

dolphin: No! I didn't mean it, get back here and finish the chapter!! Come on, I'll write you your own quilt on Onyx's bed, I swear it!

Sineult: *suspicious glance in author's direction* Really?

dolphin: *desperate* Really really.

Sineult: *drops quilt, poofs back into long shirt* Okay! *bounces over to book pile* C'me on, le's look at th' books nex'!

dolphin: *drops head into hands* What just happened here?

Immediately preceding the writing of Lost and Found chapter 5, Sineult again took a liking to something.

Sineult: *soaking happily in bubble bath* Row, row, row y'r boat... *squeaks rubber duck* Oooh, you got a cough. We gots t' see 'bout that later, you an' me.

dolphin: *despondently* Sineult, it's a rubber duck, it's meant to squeak like that. Pleeeaase couldn't you come out of the bathtub now? You've been in there since Monday. This is Wednesday?

Sineult: *thinks about it* Mmm... nope. *innocent grin* I like it here in th' bath.

dolphin: *pulls hair* Arrgggh!!!

Somewhere near the conclusion of Bridges chapter 2, Sineult was informed by the author that he was going to have a cub. Needless to say, he was enthralled. Maybe a little too much so?

Sineult: *singsonging* I'm goin' t' have a cuub...

dolphin: *excited too* Yeah, and I got the first chapter done alright. Go me! So are you ready to finish up this one? It's doing well already, we shouldn't have to do much more.

Sineult: *singsonging* I'm goin' t' have a cuub...

dolphin: *coaxing* I know. We'll get to it faster if you come help me.

Sineult: *singsonging* I'm goin' t' have a cuub...

dolphin: *slightly irritable* It's an mpreg, that's the point. The chapter please?

Sineult: *singsonging* I'm goin' t' have a cuub...

dolphin: *desperate* Please don't sing anymore.

Sineult: *singsonging* I'm goin' t' have-

dolphin: Would you SHUT UP!!

Sineult: *stunned silence*

dolphin: *claps hand over mouth* I'm sorry, I-

Sineult: *whispered* You yelled at me.


Sineult: WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! *runs to Onyx, who has mysteriously appeared from wherever he was to witness and rectify this atrocity committed against his beloved*

dolphin: *cringe*

Onyx: *mouth opens in great shouting motion*...

Note: The rest of this segment is most likely too graphically terrifying for any author to read, and therefore I have ommitted it. It was mostly just Onyx swearing anyway *grin*

For Bridges to work, cubs were necessary. It was not necessary for all couples involved to become as... enthusiastic... as they did.

Jade: Oooohh! *bedsprings creak*

Spruce: *gasp, pant*

Both together: Mmmm...

dolphin: *nosebleed* Um, I'll just go, shall I? *scampers quickly away to Onyx and Sineult's corner of his mind*

Sineult: *muffled in husband's neck* Mm, 'Nyx, 's nice...

dolphin: *whimper*

At one stage of the conceptualisation of Bridges chapter twelve, Lupin took a fancy to the words, 'everything ends somewhere'. Enter carefully pressed black English-professor-type suit, wire-framed glasses, and very shiny black shoes as well as a wall blackboard and wooden pointer.

Lupin: Observe this circle. Some take this as the symbol of infinity; a round shape going forever round and round, never reaching an end point. Yet, if we go by the philosophy that everything ends somewhere, this cannot be true. Let us delve further.

Sineult: *rapt look* Okay.

Lupin: Observe, that as I travel this circle, it would seem that I never meet with an ending. However after I continue for a moment, it becomes plain that I have traversed the circle entirely, and am merely retreading paths where I have already walked. Thus it can be proven that this circle must indeed have an end. The question is: where is it?

Sineult: *echoing* Where?

dolphin: *big eyes* Scary...

Shortly after the character of Fern began to form in the author's soupy brain, this child of Sineult blossomed into a thing that could only be called a mini-terror. And, as all mini-terrors, he was very good at daily earning his title.

Onyx: *lifts cub out of bathtub* Okay, Fern, let's get you dried and put your clothes on.

Fern: *happy singsong* Ge' oo dwessed and put oo's clo'es on.

Onyx: Sure. Okay, put your arms up!

Fern: *smirk* Put oo's arms up!

Onyx: *beginning to feel somewhat small and out of control* Don't repeat me.

Fern: *wider smirk* Don' repeet 'e.

Onyx: *trying to summon authority and failing* I mean it, Fern, stop.

Fern: *diabolical grin* Mean i' Fermstop.

Onyx: *giving up* SINEULT!!

Jade: *bewildered* Somebody's been eating the soap.

Fern: *soapy grin* Oi did.

dolphin: *whimper* But if you kill yourself, how will I finish the story!?

Fern: *running fast out of parent's bedroom* Tana Jess, oi saw Da an' Papa inna bed!!

Onyx: *tears out of bedroom in hastily-donned pajamas*

Fern: An' Papa was stickin' his-

Onyx: *claps hand over cub's mouth*

Jessamine: *falls on floor laughing*

On the following morning, it was proven exactly which family member Fern got his tenacity from...

Sineult: *sitting happily on couch, thumb in mouth* *suck suck suck*

Fern: *grinning* Don' sucka fumb, oo'll make oo's skin come off.

Sineult: *frowns at wet thumb* Will not.

Fern: Will too!

Sineult: Will not!

Fern: Will too!!

Sineult: Will not!!...

Note: This argument lasted until the very moment when the author went to bed, and in fact, may have continued for the entirety of the night, merely without said author's notice.

Well that's only a slice of the madness, but if I told you much more I'd have to tell it all *grin* So there you have it! Happy birthday to everybody who shares mine!!